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Yes. Loves, you were owed an OOTD today. And it was my intention to give it to you. Then, I got sick. Not super sick. But a summer cold that’s been affecting everything from my energy levels to my ability to stand up for a long time to my not wanting to puke all the time. I don’t get it either. My mom is sick too, the kind where she can’t stop sneezing and the cough sounds like it might break her. Invite us out. We’re fun.

So, there’s no outfit today. Though if I can get myself together there might be an OOTD on Instagram. And there will be an outfit on Sunday (at this point, if we’re throwing everything out, we might as well go crazy). But, here’s some good news! Sales means we can save, and I also have a preview of a lot the things that I’m pretty certain will go on sale at Nordstrom Friday. We all win! Wanna shop some sales?

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These are a combo of things that are on sale. Things I hope go on sale. And just things I love.

Shop here

And shoes (like platforms that we all need for fall) here


Summer Dresses
It’s no secret that I’m looking to add to my summer dress stash.
Shop my picks: here

This sale is the gift that keeps giving. Here’s what’s in my bag:

Believe it or not, HM is where I’ve gotten so many things that I just love (and last). Most importantly? My sales picks start at $2! Not a typo. Shop:

Thank you for sticking it out with me. I promise there are outfits coming and we will get back to normal. And there will be more sales that we love.
What are you shopping?


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