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Investment Piece: How to Copy

I’m such a big fan of using our fashion to tell our stories. You’ve heard me say this before, right? That part of the magic of fashion is that on any given day that you can be something new. My goal is to inspire you with my outfit posts, I hope you get ideas, and maybe encouragement to wear things that you really love.

That being said, I get that my sense of style isn’t for everyone. It can’t be, it’s personal. There are times that I may wear things a little too daring or not-daring, not appropriate for work or too many party dresses. Or, there’s just a good chance that instead of getting my takes on layering, you just want to wear a big sweater and call it a day. All of that is valid.

Investment Piece: Look a Like

Why bring this up? I know that when we chat personal shopping it can be overwhelming, and you need to trust that all choices presented are true to you, not me. And the only way I can assure you that when I shop for you, I put you first, is to talk about it.

The Process
Maybe you want something you’ve seen me wear here or on Instagram. Or, maybe you want something similar. Maybe you want me to do your gift shopping for you. There’s a little form I have you fill out: you let me know things like not only what you’re looking for, but things you won’t even consider, things you’re open to, style icons, etc. then you relax while I get to shopping. We keep in touch, I send you options, you send me feedback, we get you the perfect item.

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Personal shopping, right?

But, perhaps the best story I can tell you about personal shopping with me is my mom’s story. I love my mom, and she’s my biggest supporter. Our styles? Not really the same. I’ve written about hers here.
However, shopping? Shopping I know–even if it’s not my style. So, my mom trusted me to help her get some new things. She was looking for some updates; needed some clothes for the weekend, updated tops, jeans, and to in general look more pulled together. Though she was skeptical at first, I knew that the first thing we needed to update was her fit. Mom was stuck in the (way too common belief) that if you want to hide parts of your body you oversize your clothes. Oversize and baggy clothes have their place, but for the most part, if your clothes are too big, you’ll look bigger than you are.

Investment Piece: Personal Shopping Stories

So we got some fitted jeans. Which go with anything from classic tops to shirts. (She even went with a sheer option that could be worn with a camisole). We found some pants that could be “business casual”. Everything is true to my mom-covering what she wanted covered, colors she loves, and she was open to listening about what I saw that needed to be fixed.

What are you looking for? How can we shop for you?

I would love to help you tell your story, no matter what your need. Email me at, we’ll chat pricing (upfront) and timelines!

xo RA

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