Spring Wishlist

At the beginning of every new season, I can’t help but take a little stock. Of what I have. Of what I might want. Of what I need. This is sometimes a big undertaking, sometimes it’s simple, sometimes it’s a little of both.

I love to clean out and organize my closet in January and February. This gives me a sense of what I have, what I need to replace, and what my waredrobe is missing. Then I think about trends, what’s being offered, what I love and what I don’t, and a mix of what I need and want. There’s a shopping theory I hold dear, and explains a little bit about how I shop. I think there are 3 categories we buy in: what we need (work, basics, etc), what we love (more trendy), what fills the spaces we need (overall waredrobe building). All are valid, and we might do all each season.

This season, my spring Wishlist is a mix of all. I’m looking for pieces to fill a specific hole in my closet. There are some trends I’m just in love with, and I can never say no to basics. These are just a few pieces I’m shopping for–what about you?

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Puff Sleeve Dress
The statement sleeve has been “in” for a while and isn’t going anywhere. For spring, the trend has evolved into puff sleeve, and these are some of my favorites:

White Jeans
It feels like I’m forever on the hunt for the perfect white jeans. These are some that are in the running:

Belted Bathing Suit
I’m such a fun of the retro-inspired and ever so flattering belted swim wear on offer. We know I love to wear my swim wear out and about, and I can’t wait to see what these go with:

Strappy Sandals
There’s no such thing as too many shoes, no matter what anyone else says. To me, strappy sandals aren’t so much a trend but a spring staple-though this season I’m loving the square toe take on it! I love these:

And you can shop more sandal picks here and here.

I would love to know: what’s on your spring Wishlist?

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