Swim Round Up

Investment Piece: Swim Round Up

Loves, as you may have caught on, it’s swim week here on Investment Piece! And, if you follow me you get that swim suits are kinda my thing! I’ve worn them around the house since I was little:

Investment Piece: Swim Round Up

And have been known to wear swim suits as fashion statements:

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Clearly, my love of all things swim suits runs deep and I’m a little thrilled to share some of my favorites with you! (And buying myself a new one hasn’t been ruled out!)

But first–I want to get a little honest and a little vulnerable with you (as we’re in the trust tree and all). I think we can all agree that this time of year can be overwhelming in terms of how body image is talked about/perceived/pressured. My advice for a beach body? Stated above: Simply take your body to the beach. However, I know in our minds it’s not always that easy. I don’t talk a lot about my body issues/struggles- I’m an actress/ex-dancer/take pictures of myself for a living. I’m a perfectionist and hard on myself. I can pick myself apart like a pro, and have spent some time beating my body into being “perfect”. These things aren’t easy for me to talk about, or even to admit sometimes. I workout because it makes me feel strong and empowered, and it helps me mentally. I think all women’s bodies are beautiful. I still want my mom to go in the water with me–and think my friend’s who have had babies are beautiful in what their bodies were able to do (stretch marks and rolls–I like it all). Yes, I know that’s a lot of juxatipositons, even for someone who loves juxatipositons. That I can think you’re beautiful no matter what, but don’t always love my own body that same way is something I work on EVERY DAY. So, if this season, this week, this post about swimsuits gives you anxiety know you’re not alone. Know I’m with you, that I feel you, but I believe we’re both beautiful–in and out of our bathing suits.

You aren’t going to find a list of do/don’t-s here. Much like “street” clothes, I think that swim suits should come down to what makes you happy and what you like! However, I do have some very loose guide lines for swimwear

1. Have a go-to Bikini and One Piece
Much like the French, I think you need both (and both can be flattering). Where I deviate is I don’t believe in hard and fast rules. For every high waisted bikini I love, there’s a string bikini. High cut pieces can lengthen your legs–boxy cuts can be precious. I love vintage pieces, and love the modern. I think you need one of each–so find one that makes you happy!

2. Lining
It matters. Trust me. Don’t settle for a suit without it

3. Have fun!
This is completely the time to experiment with colors and patterns (though there’s nothing so chic as a black one piece).

Some ones I love recently:

And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the Target Swim Section right now. The styles are perfectly on trend, and they are all under $50! I have to control myself as I want them all. My Target Picks:

Hope that you find what you love! See you on the beach! XO RA

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