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The places I love to shop come in all shapes and sizes, but we know I hold a special place in my heart for vintage; I also hold a special place in my heart for party dresses and the two meet happily at The Kit Vintage! The Kit Vintage is truly a woman named Robyn–who is lovely and kind and also has a special place in her heart for party dresses. This is not the place for jeans or casual wear, but if, like me, you can always find a reason for a party dress this is a magical place! (Side note: Robyn does carry some ready to wear, but truly specializes in party dresses–and what she has found is almost magical–and well worth snagging an invite somewhere!)

The Kit Vintage Boutique is located inside Platt Jewelry in LA; the jewelry itself is magical, the store is owned by Larry, Robyn’s husband and you can try on the estate and art deco gems (what he specializes in) when you try on clothes. I’m waiting to see what happens when I just don’t take the jewels off! Robyn has hand curated a great selection of, again, mainly more formal clothes–but one of the things that I love about shopping here is that Robyn knows the providence of it all. She loves it, and there is something just breath taking about knowing the dress is Valentino’s lawyer’s wife’s. Or Mike Tyson’s girlfriend’s from 1992. Or worn to a specific Hollywood party in 1956. Part of what I love about vintage is that the pieces have history–and Robyn knows hers.
If you’re shopping in store Robyn is there to not only tell you amazing stories, but to help you find the perfect piece for you. She has heels (and let’s not forget the jewelry!) to complete the look. And if you’re lucky to find something, it feels special–like it was meant for you! Again, Robyn is one of the sweetest shop owners I know–I have never felt pressure to buy anything, she ensures that anything you pick is a match for you–and did I mention the beautiful clothes??
You can shop The Kit Vintage in LA or online at Esty: TheKitVintage

Happy Shopping! XO RA

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