Where to Shop: Timeless Vixen

Investment Piece: Where to Shop: Timeless Vixen

Loves, I consider it one of my most treasured duties to keep you up to date on all the amazing places I think that you should be shopping. I share with you places I love, and shop at, and try to keep my eye out for the hidden gems that we should all be supporting. And loves, it’s no secret that I love vintage- in all its shapes, forms, and sizes. SO, I’m thrilled to introduce you to Timeless Vixen, one of my favorite high end Vintage dealers!

Investment Piece: Where to Shop: Timeless Vi

Love Ossie Clark? Valentino? Dior? Stunning 20s dresses? Timeless Vixen has them in spades for you! This is the part where I’m supposed to wax poetic about her collection (completely drool worthy)  I’ve been a fan of Lauren, the owner and stylist of Timeless Vixen, for years. I’ve gotten to know her through various shows (A Current Affair) and shopping appointments, and every time we chat I like her more! So, yes, this is where I let you know about how amazing her collection is. This is where I let you know that if you have a special occasion, or just want something amazing, you should see the Timeless Vixen. Examples:

Me in one of the stunning Ossie Clarks
Me, in one of Timeless Vixen’s stunning Ossie Clarks!

Investment Piece: Timeless Vixen
In a Stunning Piece from Italy

But loves, as much I love the collection at Timeless Vixen (and I do!), the best part about Lauren is her expert knowledge of vintage fashion. Have a question about a designer or period in fashion? Lauren has an answer, and most likely a dress. Have a question about how to tell if an item is authentic? Lauren can educate you on labels, zippers, what to look for in pictures, and can probably lead you to an authentic item. Yes, the collection is exquisite; but when you come stay for the incredible fashion education you can get from the Timeless Vixen!

Investment Piece: Timeless Vixen

About now, you may be wondering how you can get your hands on the stunning collection of the Timeless Vixen. This is where good news gets great! You can follow the Timeless Vixen on Instagram (@timelessvixen), and shop her on 1stdibs, and starting this month you can shop Lauren’s new brick and mortar in Beverly Hills (though it’s best to request an appointment!) I got the chance to see the shop, and loves, it’s going to be amazing!
Investment Piece: Timeless Vixen
Investment Piece: Timeless Vixen

From stunners from the 1920s, to day-dresses, to high end designer gowns, to the infamous Ossie Clark collection, the Timeless Vixen shop is everything you could want in a vintage store, right in Beverly Hills. If you get the chance, please go shop it! It’s an expertly curated treasure trove of vintage goodness that has to be seen to be believed! And you might catch me there! (And don’t worry, if you can’t make it to Beverly Hills, you can get all your fixes on Instagram and 1stdibs

Let me know what you get!

Happy Shopping! XO RA

Investment Piece: Timeless Vixen
A sneak peak of me in my latest Timeless Vixen purchase!

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