Happy Easter! Happy Passover!

Investment Piece: Happy Holidays

The holidays look a bit different this year. This is usually the space where I would wish you a spring holiday, no matter what you celebrate, full of love, togetherness, and peace. Love and peace are still available, but for our future togetherness we have to be apart right now. It’s hard. There are days that I’m full of fear and anxiety, I miss family and loved ones, I miss going places. I get scared for so much. You may be feeling that way too. I have no idea what’s to come, but I do believe that we are promised that we don’t ever have to be alone. In the new normal of FaceTime and Zoom, I wish you comfort and togetherness. I hope when you’re feeling alone you remember how we love and need you. I wish that our collective fears will be calmed. And, as spring and these holidays are a message of renewal, I wish you new beginnings.

To us coming out of our apartness to better normals and sweeter togetherness.
Xox RA

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