Sunday Chronicles: Back on The Grind

Investment Piece: Back on the Grind

Confession: I don’t have kids, and no one in my inner circle works for a school (at any level). Though I did used to own a tutoring company, and my mom was a college professor/dean for a lot of my life. But now, I’m not tied to the school year schedule.

And yet, I can’t help but fell like my life is still ruled by it. And now that school has started, no matter where you live, it’s plain to see that we’re back on the grind.

Maybe it’s that there is such a delineation between summer and fall that happens around the school year. We go from a more lax schedule to a more rigorous one. Maybe we’re all just conditioned to be more disciplined once the bell rings, maybe it’s just an easy way to say “now I’m going to really focus”.

I only know that, even though I have no reason to be tied to the school system, I’m back on the grind. Did I work hard during the summer? Did I intentionally try to move towards what I want? Yes to both. But is there a renewed sense of purpose and movement now? Very much so, yes.

It’s almost a little bit like January, when we all instinctively tighten up after months of holidays. With the school year, fall, and more things starting, I’m back on the grind. What does that mean for me? I’m focusing on my work goals and being intentional about them. Each day I’m trying to have at least an hour that’s super intentional. (I also have an hour that’s given to my exercise, my soul, and an hour to just feeling good–whatever that means. Me? I’m also focused on my diet and my budget, neither super fun but I’m trying and in that, there’s some fun.)

Even if we aren’t in school, there are changes that come at this time of year. The traffic patterns (yep, tied to school). The length of the days. It gets cooler. We naturally turn from the fun of summer to the structure of fall. And maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe it’s nature’s way of making sure that we stay balanced.

I would love to know: what grind are you back to? As the season turns where are you turning your attention? As I focus on work, diet, and exercise, what advice or tips do you have for me?

As always, I wish as a week of productivity and amazing shoes! XO RA

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