Sunday Chronicles: Cheese Board

Investment Piece: Cheese Board

I’m no food blogger, though I like to think I’m a great home cook. And ironically I’m lactose intolerant, so I have to rely on goat and sheep’s cheese, but I love a good cheese board. Elegant. Easy. Customizable. One of my favorite things to do on Sunday is make a big cheese board, open a bottle of wine or bubbles, and snack all day. Today and next Sunday (Super Bowl and Valentine’s) are perfect for such activities. In fact, it’s most likely what I will be doing both Sunday’s!

There are “rules” and “guidelines” that you can follow when you’re making a cheese board, but I usually go with what sounds good to me. Cheese. Great crackers. Some protein. Some fruit. Whatever looks good.

I’ve made them incredibly simple:
Investment Piece: Cheese Board
And I called this dinner. Even with just the basics- crackers, cured meat, cheese, and wine it felt decadent.

To over the top:
Investment Piece: Cheese Board
Grilled sausage, mustards, preserves, fruit, crackers, cheeses, all the things.

Cheese boards are both the simplest thing to make and a stunning piece of art. A snack and an event of a meal. I love mixing various cheeses (there is such a great selection of bries and cheddars and blues that don’t have cow’s milk in them!), crackers (flavored and plain), olives, meats, chips, grapes, and more. If you make it big enough, it’s both lunch and dinner, and just perfect! I didn’t really get into cheese plates until a few years ago- now I’m making up for lost time. They are one of my favorite ways to share food (with my pod) and ways to feel like I’m treating myself.

The next two weekends seem ripe for putting out food and relaxing with football or rom-coms on the couch. Bubbles. Wine. And of course, loved ones (even over FaceTime) and the day is complete. The only change? I may include this baked feta.

What are you eating for Super Bowl and Valentine’s?

Wishing us all a week of treats and amazing shoes!

Investment Piece: Cheese Board

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