Sunday Chronicles: Go Vote

Investment Piece: Go Vote

This is an image I post on my personal Facebook page every election to make the point that change happens on the local level. That it’s in your best interest to care about what’s happening in your community. And this image is just funny!

I almost didn’t post it here, I resisted doing this post. If you’re in the States (or watching from abroad), you know Tuesday is Election Day. You may have already voted, you may be tired of election emails and flyers and calls, you may be feeling a lot (from outrage to exhaustion), you may be doing a lot (voter outreach), or may be worried you’re not doing enough. I am all of that too. This is a place for fashion, and if it’s a place of respite for you I don’t want to take that away from you. I promise not to lecture, or try to sway your vote, but as small a platform as this may be, I felt I had to say something.

Voting matters. Policy matters. We all try to be apolitical, but the reality is that politics and policy affect our lives–so when given a chance, we should vote for the world we want, the policies that would help the collective we.

The mission of Investment Piece is to tell stories using fashion. I firmly believe that fashion and stories matter. That art and beauty matter. That all of us (all our neighbors) matter. There could even be an argument made that art and beauty and each other are the only things that do matter.
I love my job. I love coming up with outfits and telling stories and showcasing other people’s stories here. It feels me with joy, and I know I’m lucky to do something that I love.

I want more joy (and art and stability and all the good things) for all of us. It won’t solve everything, but voting is my way of getting us more joy. Joy starts at a local level, and voting should start there, too.

Vote, research, vote for all the things and joy and hope that you want for the collective we. Here, we’ll be back to fashion soon, I promise. Thank you for indulging me on this message. I hope it wasn’t too much!

Wishing us all a week of joy and amazing shoes!

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