Sunday Chronicles: Holiday Stress

Investment Piece: Holiday Stress

It’s the holiday season! Which means lots of magic and special moments. And it can also mean a lot of stress. There can be endless to-do lists, the house cleaning and decorating, the gift giving, and in the before all the events- parties, etc. Then on top of that, there are all the expectations and the desires to make things perfect. This is such a wonderful time of the year. And this is such a stressful time of the year.

I’ll be honest, I thought that this year might not be as stressful. Due to the pandemic (which yes, is stressful by itself), we’re at home and a lot of the events and “bigness” of the holiday season are naturally cut out. My family is choosing to do things much more laid back, and my friends are doing the same. While, even in the before, I would have told you that a holiday is not measured by how much you get done or the “perfect” way things are done (which let’s be honest, is not a thing), I especially thought that this year could be a respite of holiday stress.

Yet, I’m stressed. Holiday stress. I’m still feeling pressure to be perfect-in how I decorate, the small things I’m doing for others, in work, in everything. Right now nothing feels like it’s enough. Maybe it’s because I thought it would be so easy that things are so stressful? Or maybe I thought that because things were simple this year I could make them “perfect”, therefore putting more pressure on myself?

I’m not sure. We got the tree and lights up this weekend–and they look great! But I worried that we were late. I’m “behind” at work and feeling all sorts of pressure- I have a plan and things will get done, but I’ve been beating myself up about not being ahead or doing more.

In every aspect of my life I’ve been adding pressure and worried that things aren’t enough. I’m not going anywhere, there are no parties, and I’m not even exchanging a ton of gifts. But I’m feeling holiday stress.

If you, as my friend, came to me I would remind you that you are enough, that whatever gets done is enough, that perfect is not a thing, and the best moments are often unplanned and a little silly.
Why is it so hard to say that to ourselves (or myself)?

Because I know that’s true. This season has been full of laid back and special moments that will make this time during a pandemic amazing. There is good here and there is joy. I don’t know how to get rid of the stress, I’ve been working through my to-do list and I’m hoping that helps. I’m reminding myself (more than once daily) that the perfect I’m chasing is a myth and that I can relax (Champagne helps with this). I’m reaching out to friends. And I’m choosing to do things that bring joy.

Let’s see if it works.

Do you have holiday stress? How are you dealing with it? Do you have any tips for dealing with stress?
I’m all ears!

Wishing us all a week of respite and amazing shoes!

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