Sunday Chronicles: In Love with Potential

It’s the “season” of love. And I hope whatever Valentine’s means to you that you had a great day last week! I got to thinking about love: falling in it, rising in it, and all the times that we think we’re in love, but we really love their potential. It happens with clothes, too. There are things that we want, or that are in our closet, that we think will fit a certain way, go a certain way, will make us a certain kind of person. And sometimes, they do. But, there are times when the potential that we love is all that’s there. What do we do then?

I recently fell in love with a pair of shoes. I had outfits for days planned, knew that they would be chic, and that they would fit perfectly. They’re a bust. These shoes simply don’t fit me well at all–they make my feet look odd. And they don’t quite go with what I thought they would. Yet, I kept trying: to make them fit, to make them into what I wanted them to be. The potential was so good. And I’m not good at letting good potentional go. But, loves, sometimes we have to.

So, I made us a little video with some thoughts. Do I have the answers? No. Do I know how to resist falling in love with just potentional? No. But I’m working on it.

If you have solutions, I would love to hear them!
Also-I’ve linked similar items to the outfit in the video in the #ootd below, I can vouch that these pieces have much more than potentional! (To shop follow me on the app and use the screenshot of the pic!)
Wishing us all a week of real love and amazing shoes! Xo RA

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Investment Piece: falling in love with potential

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