Sunday Chronicles: Last Day of Summer/Transitions

Investment Piece: Sunday Chronicles

Loves, this is it. It’s the official last day of summer. I know, I know, with Labor Day and school starting, it always feels like the “end of summer” starts early and last forever, but this IS it. I hope that you had the best time and got the pool/beach/sand/friend/lazy/hot times that you wanted and needed. I hope that you’re excited for fall and sweaters/crisp air/cider/friend/leaves/cool times. Is it possible to love both seasons? I do.

In the coming days when we have our last (hopefully!) HOT days and the first hits of cool air, I think there’s a way to appreciate both. And love the transition.

Every time the season changes, I can’t help but think about endings and beginnings and transitions. I think about how there is magic in the transitions, that’s when it all happens. In fashion, resort and transision wear are usually my favorite. I love how that “season” combines the best of what surrounds it, I love the creativity, I love how there is a feeling that you can just make things work. In spin class, we’re often told to embrace the transition. That when you’re in a dark room, in the middle of workout and having to step into silence, adjusting your resistance, etc as you go, that you can only choose to trust yourself and go.

About now you might be thinking that in real life I’m a pro at changes and transitions. I’m not. But I long to be, and I’m working at it.

So, today on this last day of summer, and tomorrow on the first day of fall, I’m looking to embrace the transition. I plan on being ok with days that start in a sweater and end in a swimsuit. To enjoy the last days of heat and get excited about what’s coming. Look back at summer and take away the lessons I need, and make plans for the best fall.

And on this last day of summer, at some point, you might just find me on the water with some rose’ waving goodbye to the season.

Wishing us a week of good transitions and amazing shoes! XO RA

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