Sunday Chronicles: Let’s Go See The Movies

Please read the “Let’s Go See The Movies” in the song from the musical Annie!

I’m a working actress (and yes, if asked I have opinions on the strike? and the biz) but I’m also a fan of the movies. In the pre-pandemic life I regularly went to the movies sometimes 3x times a week. From story to fashion to adventure- I couldn’t get enough of the stories that I saw on the big screen. Then, the world shut down, and I’ll admit I’m still cautious and therefore have only gone to the movies once (I KNOW!!) since the pandemic (see here). And yet, with a possible strike/work stoppage looming, with the summer in full swing, there are a handful of movies I’m just dying to see- in the theater no less!

Below I’m listing my must sees and some details about them- I’ve also occasionally added in some affiliate links for fashion that is inspired by or I want to wear to said movies (yes, those would be affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!). It’s exciting to me that I’m finally thrilled to get into the theater again, and I’m currently planning seeing these movies into my schedule.

Are you back to the movies? What are you longing to see?

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny
a Dial of Destiny Poster with Indiana Jones holding a whip and in the background various women and men

I loved the first 3 Indiana Jones Movies (Kingdom of the Krystal SkullI’m still on the fence about). History, punching Nazis, the archetype of “I’m this but no one believes me”. Beginning to end, I just got swept up in all of them. SO, to end what Harrison Ford thinks of as his best character, in a way that feels true to him? I’m in. Note- I know that critics are mixed but EVERY single friend I have who has seen this movie has LOVED it (apparently there are great big swings, a pay off and a tears and a good time to be had). I plan on seeing this movie this week!

Asteroid City
I am sort of ambivalent about Wes Anderson. But everyone I know has loved this movie- and the use of the unknown as a way to understand ourselves. It feels like a film that would be just as good at home as it would be on the big screen, but the idea of seeing a movie with other people who LOVE movies is a bit too tempting to me. It’s on my list to see this week as well!
And so many people love the tints, the clothes, the ambience. London brand LK Bennett did a capsule of fashion inspired by the film. These are my faves:

a movie poster of Oppenheimer with a man in a suit and hat walking in front of fire

Pitted against Barbie by the media, I have to let you know that I’m so excited about this one! A behind the scenes war movie (I have a thing for spies) and a real life ethics issue (should anyone have made a bomb like that?), I can’t wait to see it! My personal plan is to see Barbie one day and Oppenheimer the next- but if you’re up for a double feature my recommendation is black coffee, an early Oppenheimer screening, a ton of mimosas and a change into pink, then Barbie!

a barbie movie poster with a huge pink and white B with Barbie (white blonde woman in a pink and white dress) sitting atop the B and Ken (a white blonde man in shorts and a open shirt) sitting on. the bottom with the phrase " She's Everything. He's just Ken"
Words cannot express how excited I am for this one! Barbie was my fave (I plan on being Peaches and Cream Barbie for Halloween and we’ll be talking a LOT more about her/the movie/the fashion) and I had it all- from the dream house to the Barbie Ferrari to all the outfits. I love that Barbie got to be it all (from Mermaid to vet to astronaut to dr to princess to ballerina) and Ken adored her for it, I love that the film is true to the roots (from no one walking Barbie down the stairs to parts of the film being based on the book Reviving Ophelia– which I’m tempted to read!). There is no end to my love and thoughts on this- and yes we will be chatting about them. I’m planning to go to more than one dress up party for the movie, but if that’s not your thing I’ve rounded up some my favorite “Barbie” shirts for you to wear to see Barbie

Mission Impossible
This is where I’m honest and say I haven’t watched any of the other “Mission Impossibles”all the way through. I’m not sure which one this is. Or who the characters are other than Tom Cruise (who I love/hate). Yet. Every single ad looks fun. And big. And if we’re getting out there to the movie theater again, why not see a movie? (If there’s something you think I absolutely need to know before committing please reach out!)

A hot summer movie in the theater being swept off into some adventure or fun or other world? What could be better? At perhaps an odd time, I’ve never been more ready to get back to seeing movies. What about you?

Wishing us all a week of happy endings and amazing shoes! XO RA

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