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If you’re stateside, I hope this holiday weekend has been fulfilling. If you’re international, I hope you stayed cool (or warm!), and had a great one! I did a lot- and a lot of nothing. There were times when I was transported to summer days of my youth, days of reading library books, watermelon for dinner, days at the pool, and treats like sno-cones.

Now that we’re grown, my sno-cones are more like Rose, but same! It feels like it’s finally summer, and we’re right in the throws of it. Summer is a great time for relaxation and reassessment, and it’s also a great time for sales. And loves, the sales are coming.

In fact, in the heat of the summer we’re headed right towards some of the biggest sales, and I wanted us to be prepared. Here, onsite, we’re used to outfit posts MF, but the next two weeks will be a little different, because of sales. For the next two weeks my outfits will be on Wednesdays; though I will attempt to do an OOTD every day on Instagram (@racheladelicia), and keep as up-to-date on all sales and shopping both there, here, and Pintrest!

So, what will be onsite you ask? This week we’re getting ready for the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, one of my favorite sales events of the year. Why? It’s a chance to get what you need for the rest of the summer, things for fall, and the prices are simply unbelievable. This sale starts its preview Friday. To be able to shop the preview you must have a Nordstrom card. Though if you don’t want to make that commitment, don’t sweat it! The sale truly begins next week, and the way they stock it you won’t miss out! Here, I’ll have picks for this sale starting Friday!

Then next week, besides the Nordstrom Sale, we have Amazon Prime Day! Deals, deals, deals, and I’ll be sharing my picks with you! Want to get prepped? Right now if you spend $10 at Whole Foods with your Prime Account, you’ll get $10 to spend on Prime day! Also, watch your Amazon app and emails–they’re letting you know all sorts of ways to stay on top of this sale!

Even though we’ll be sale crazy, we’re also determined to give you what you need, so if there is content you’re desperate for, or an item you’re searching for, please reach out at

Ready for sales? I am!

Wishing us all a week of deals and amazing shoes!

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