Sunday Chronicles: Sick Again

a postive Covid Test on a counter top

Well. This was not how I planned things to go. While I’ve been under the weather for about a week, I had been testing negative for C19; and had thought I was starting to feel better. Then. I ret
ested on Saturday (best practices for newer variants is to test on day 6/7 of symptoms/exposure as positive tests are lagging. Also FlowFlex at home tests are supposed to be the most sensitive. )

I’ll be vulnerable- this is my second dance with Ms. Rona. I had Omicron over a year ago. My case was mild, but I had been dealing with long lasting effects. I’m a bit scared to be sick again, especially when it felt like I was finally getting back to myself. Another vulnerable moment? Covid is on my Aunt’s death certificate. This is scary to me.

I am doing things a bit different this time with C19. Right away I got an RX for Paxlovid (not available before). Last time, I was so determined to “get back” that I perhaps did too much. I worked through it, I worked out, I pushed. This time? I’m going to take it a bit easy. Not rush to overdo or get back, but truly let myself rest and heal.

This treatment plan also affects us. Between my aunt’s death and my being sick, I’m a bit behind in shooting. And outfits. And getting dressed. I’ really hoping to rest u, feel better by next weekend and be able to shoot (and get dressed) by next weekend- giving us new content starting next week! This week? It’ll be a replay of some of my fave late summer outfits- from swimsuits to dresses. Shopping options will be updated, and new thoughts may appear. (of course both on the LTK and ShopStyle apps I’ll be posting my sale and fall shopping picks, so follow me there- @racheladelicia). I hope that it’s not too disappointing, and that you’ll check out some of past faves here!

In the meantime, I’ll be resting up, and making sure that I get you new and amazing content- and me well- ASAP.

I have no idea what the secret to life is- or if there is one. However, I think the most fervent question that life asks us is :”Am I my brother’s keeper?” And I think the answer is yes. We’re here to take care of each other and walk each other home. Take care of you and yours and your neighbors out there! And feel free to do it in amazing shoes!

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