Sunday Chronicles: The Ones You Want Back

a woman in front of a checkered wall wearing a sleeves white dress, red dangle earrings and black glasses

If you’re into astrology, or you have a friend (me!) who is, you know that Venus (planet ruling beauty, love, and money) went retrograde yesterday. While I’m not one who thinks that all retrogrades are bad, or one who should give relationship advice (search ex-files in my posts) I do know that things returning is may be a theme in the next few weeks. Who comes back may be something you need to deal with; I’m more interested in the ones we want back.

And for our purposes, I’m talking about the clothes that we cleaned out from our closets that we regret. This isn’t anti-closet clean out. I wish I were better at it, I’m slowly doing some of mine, and I do think reselling or giving your clothes to new homes is one of the most fun ways to recycle. But. Admit it, there are things that you’re cleaned out that you ended up missing and wanting back.

Or maybe it’s just me?

Off the top of my head I can name at least 2 big things that I miss and regret cleaning out. The above dress- which I know you really can’t see- but it was a white with huge polka dot linen mini dress from Jcrew. And then there’s :
a blonde woman in a green flight suit, gold heels and necklaces in front of a concrete wall with graffiti
this flight suit which I cannot express how much I miss.

I don’t know that I have advice on how to deal with a lost love who comes back or win back any lost love you want to come back- but I do have advice about getting back the clothes you lost. Resale and vintage sites. All of them. (If this feels overwhelming please reach out and I’m happy to help!) From my locals to online I search by general description, labels, design name if I have them, let sellers know what I’m looking for, all of the things. Perhaps it’s Venus Retrograde or the firm belief that we always find what we’re meant to, I do believe that if you’re meant to be reunited with a fantastic piece of fashion that you perhaps parted with too soon it’s out there for you.

This is also my theory on searching vintage and for items from seasons past. If it’s meant to be yours, it’s out there. And loves, it’s usually out there.

I can’t say that this Venus Retrograde will bring our love/beauty/money lives happy endings, but I know that it’s only been one day and I’ve already found the JCrew dress I want back. Who couldn’t help but feel confident with that?

Is there anything you’re looking for out there? How do you handle it?

Wishing us all a week of the perfect reunions and amazing shoes!

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