Color of the Season

Investment Piece: Color of the Season
Investment Piece: Color of the Season
Investment Piece: Color of the Season

Do you love the Pantone color of the year? Where they name the color(s) of the year?
Usually I’m a take it or leave it. I wear things I love, and if they happen to match up with the colors of the season- so be it! There are years that I love the colors, years when I don’t (and I don’t wear colors I don’t like).

But. This year? A little different. The colors of the season got me excited, and I could find right in my closet!

One of the colors of the year is grey. And grey? I love. I own one too many grey tshirts, sweaters, etc. My bedding is grey. It’s my go-to color, and something that I always get excited about it. Suddenly, this year I was very excited about the color of the year.

Also different this year? Pantone did two colors of the year. Yellow being the second. And yellow- it’s hard for me. Some shades of yellow I love. Some wash me out (yellow and blonde can be hard). It’s not my go-to, but it doesn’t turn me off. It’s a color I’m willing to explore, for lack of better wording.

Investment Piece: Color of the Year

SideNote about this yellow. This is vintage LaPearla. And one of my favorites. The pleating, the boning, the way it’s great on its own or over anything from turtlenecks to sweaters. When I found it, I was drawn to it, but I hesitated- because of the color. I tried it on and fell in love. The moral? Even though I sometimes say differently, this corset is a case in why you should try new things. Maybe all yellows aren’t for us. But how will we know if we don’t try them?

Investment Piece: Color of the Season
Investment Piece: Color of the season

While I love grey, these pants were also a bit of a risk. Pleated pants can feel dated (or super elegant), and can not always look great (or look superb). I kept thinking that this season, as I love the colors that this wouldn’t be an exercise in new things, but in things I’m always comfortable with. However, the colors of the season were really about me trying new things in the colors that I like. Sneaky of Pantone.

And that alone is exciting. Sometimes it’s easy to like what we like. Stay with what we’re comfortable with, only choose what we known we have worn in the past. And we should do that. There’s nothing wrong about that. The exciting thing about really loving things though? You always discover new things about them. It’s a never ending process. Within these colors of the season, what can we discover? Try? Shades? Styles?

Investment Piece: Color of the Season

The colors of the season? We can wear them next season too. What’s exciting me is all the fashion we can explore and wear in the meantime, in the colors of the season.

I’ve linked similar items for you below (note: these pants were also vintage!). I would love to know: are you wearing grey and yellow this season?

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Investment Piece: color of the season