Sunday Chronicles: Day Off

Investment Piece: Day Off

It’s summer times, but the living might not be easy. The pandemic, and all the layers that comes with that, the fight for social justice and all that comes with that. I’ve been working from home for years, with a weird schedule to boot, but I have to admit that the current times–between work and caring, I’m a little exhausted.

This week I’ve found myself saying “I’m home more than ever but I’m busier that ever. I feel like I’m always running and always behind and always tired. What I wouldn’t give for a day off!”

Lately, days off have felt come to come by, so I got to thinking: what would a day off look like? What would I do with it? Would I read all day? Watch TV? Sit in the pool? How would I recharge?

I feel like I always have something to do work or home and all the other facets that make up my life. One day off, without work to do or a home project to accomplish might just be the rest I need. So, I decided to give myself one.

What am I going to do? I’m not sure. I just know that I need to relax. Books, movies, naps, drinks by the pool, I might do them all or nothing at all.

What do you do with a day off? What are you doing right now to relax and recharge yourself?

Wishing us all a week with days off and amazing shoes!