Fall Uniform

Investment Piece: Fall Uniform
Investment Piece: Fall Uniform
Investment Piece: Fall Uniform

I get the appeal of uniform dressing. How comforting it must be to put on things that you know work together, fit well, and make an impression on busy mornings, or on those days when nothing seems to be working. My schedule allows for both uniform dressing days, and days when I can experiment, and I’m grateful for both. However, I like to think that the duality of my dressing allows me to see the good and bad of each.

And there are some really, really AMAZING things about uniform dressing. But. The thing is, your uniform is only as good as it’s weakest link. (That’s how the saying goes, right?) So, if we want to uniform dress, we have to have stunning pieces to uniform with.
For fall uniforms these are the items I love to have:
-A Great Coat
-Perfect Jeans
-Statement Flats
-Sweaters with attitude
-Non- basic layering pieces

These pieces can be mixed and matched. Can anchor an outfit on their own. And together, they make an uniform anything but boring. I like to think this fall uniform is the best of all of these : camel coat (classic), jeans, sweater with an attitude (my pronouns are Her Majesty), and statement flats (spikes make statements). This outfit makes me feel confident and comfortable all at the same time, and that’s my kind of uniform.

Investment Piece: Fall Uniform
Investment Piece: Fall Uniform
Investment Piece: Fall Uniform

Other fall uniforms I love?
Great jeans, sweatshirt, and boots
Plaid skirts, silk shirts, and boots
Any take on a suit
All the jackets. All of them.

Of course, the fact that the weather is finally feeling like fall helps, no one likes to wear sweaters and jackets when it’s hot. And while the idea of “uniform” can mean the same, I love finding uniforms that feel like standouts. What’s your idea of a fall uniform? Is uniform dressing something you do often? I’m so curious about how we get dressed, and what we wear, tell me all about it!

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Investment Piece: Fall Uniform