Fashion Stories: Holiday Dressing

Velvets. Plaids. Reds. These are the fashion choices we usually choose to tell our holiday stories. The ones of traditions and families, of decorations and parties. It’s odd to think of “holiday dressing” as a fashion story, but it is! I have a thing for red dresses, but whenever I see one I can’t help but think of this time of year. Even outliers like winter white tell a story (maybe you’re classic but not a conformer).

Thinking about the stories we’re telling with our holiday dressing is something that fascinates me. Looking at holiday cards, thinking about the ways people choose to dress themselves and their families, it’s striking that most of all we want to share joy at this time of year–and there’s a chance that merry plaids, reds, and velvets are the best way to do that.

What stories are you telling with your holiday dressing this year?
Me? I’m still thinking about it, but these pics above are some of my favorite past stories, and I’ve linked shopping options below for us!

Let’s share joy and magic this year! How’s that for holiday dressing?

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Shop winter whites here.

Some of my favorite plaids here.

And velvets and dresses here:

I would love to know what you’re wearing and shopping!