Fashion Stories: Skirt Suit

a woman in a black and white pleated skirt skirt with black mules
a woman in a green and pink and black rose print skirt suit
a woman in a black and white pleated skirt suit
a woman in a green and black and pink rose print skirt suit

During the “lockdowns” I began to watch Golden Girls and Murder She Wrote, among other classics on the regular. (There is a whole other article and thought process about those shoes and the Guest Stars!) Whenever I get really into a show, I can’t help but let it influence my fashion- fashion is stories after all and so are our favorite tv shows. Ironically? Since Then? A Matter of Age? I have fallen a bit in love with a skirt suit.

Let’s be clear. I LOVE LOVE LOVE a great suit. I’ve never worked a job that required one. And a skirt suit? It’s a bit old fashioned- but on the other hand a bit forward and so daring. Yes, you can break up these “sets”- wear separately, update, make edgy- all of the things. Yet, I can’t help but be so attracted to – and start collecting skirt suits. Which, now, feel a bit edgy on their own!

a woman in a black and white polka dot pleated skirt suit

This polka dot number (and we know I can never resist a polka dot) is a Fortuny number. For reference Fortuny is both a type of pleat, a a fabric and was a label. You can read more here, here, and here. I’ve also linked some modern polka dots and some Vintage Fortuny for you below. I love these slight balloon sleeves. And the pleats. The blazer would go amazing with any white/black/denim bottom. And pair the skirt with anything from a tank to a sweater to a tee. Add a pop of red (it’s my favorite pop with black and white dots).

And yet. Without all of that- this suit with the cinched waist and the movement in the sleeves feels daring on its own. Any hose. Any shoes. Perhaps a skirt suit is a bit more daring than we ever thought!

a woman in a green and black and pink rose skirt suit

This silk set (which feels perfect for the season) is vintage YSL via here, here, and here for starters. Women in suits? Always a bit daring and always a bit forward thinking.

So. How also are skirt suits the perfect thing for the upcoming religious holidays? How are they modest at the same time? I am not sure– but I know do many of our stories are wrapped in skirt suits- from Easter Sunday (or your own service!) to first jobs to luncheons. The skirt suit is such a staple- and yet still forward.

What is your experience with a skirt suit? And are you wearing one soon?

I’ve linked a mix of Fortuny, modern and vintage skirt suits for your shopping pleasure!

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a woman in a black and white polka dot skirt suit
a woman in a green, black and pink rose printed skirt suit