Holiday Hangovers

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I’m a believer that it’s not only too much alcohol that can leave us with hangovers (I’ve written about it here). Normally we think of holiday hangovers in relation to the winter holiday break, but summer has its own big holiday–and the hangover that comes with it.

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We’re officially half way through the year. And if you’re in the States, this weekend was the 4th. I’m not going to claim that this year is any way, shape, or form normal (2020 is its own brand of just -I’m shaking my head though you can’t see it), but it’s still a lot, and there was still a holiday, and there’s still a hangover.

Did you have a good holiday? I did! It was a nice balance of work (redoing the yard, cleaning, etc) and rest (movies and the like at home!). I didn’t over extend. But today, I’m still dragging. There’s the urge to not do anything, the need to recover.

Investment Piece: Holiday Hangover

So. How do you cure a hangover? Especially a holiday hangover?

Here’s what I’m doing. I’m resting. No, not all day (while we’re all at home is anyone getting a full day off? How? Is that another convo?), but I’m letting myself take some time when I need it. I’m planning projects that get me excited (finishing the backyard, some re-decorating). I’m gearing up to work through my closet, and I’m thinking about what I want to wear for the summer heat that’s coming (swimsuits mainly). And because it’s always good advice, I’m making sure that I drink enough water!

Are you suffering from a holiday hangover? How are you curing it?

Below I’ve linked some of the summer styles I’m thinking about living in for the rest of the summer, as for today you can find me working in the morning, then watching a movie on the couch! It’s hangover recovery!

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