Sunday Chronicles: How Are You Sleeping?

Investment Piece: how are you sleeping?

How are you sleeping right now? Sleep and me? We’ve never had the easiest relationship. My mom will tell you that I started sleeping a straight 12 hrs at about a month old– but it was the 12 hours between 3a and 3p.

While that was eventually worked out, I’ve always had a hard time going to sleep, staying asleep, and was never a good napper. So, now that the world is a little crazy, sleep comes and goes for me. I seem to have no middle. There are nights when I am wiped by 9:30 and I crawl into bed in whatever I have on. There are nights when I can’t seem to sleep and it’s 2a and I’m watching “The Golden Girls”.

In fact, my entire schedule seems to be that way- days when I can stick to it, days when everything goes out the window. And my fashion too. Days when I’m dressed and look cute. Days when I’m in a combo of pjs and workout pants.

(It’s another post, but yes I’m trying to set rituals and schedules- if you have any tips, I’m all ears!)

Suffice to say, there are days when I’m exhausted and am constantly looking for ways to sleep better, and to look more chic while I do it. I came across this article, The Allure of the Nap Dress by Rachel Syme. She details the Nap dress (yes, there’s a dress called the nap dress) and the company that makes it; but most importantly the allure of sleep that wearing a dress like a nap dress can bring. (Aka the romance and sleepiness of it). I was intrigued.

By no means is THE Nap dress the only nap dress, though I have also been stalked by that one. Nap dresses (for me) bring to mind the Sleeper dresses (like this one), pj dressing (which we know I’m a fan of, see here for starters), and the ardent hope that dressing for bed all the time would make me sleep better.

Since I’ve been thinking about “nap dresses” (and yes, all of a sudden everyone calling all their dresses nap dresses has started. Or at least, I’ve started noticing it), nap dresses have been popping up everywhere I look. Vintage ones. New ones. One’s from Target and ones from Neimans. Dresses that you could just nap in and dresses made for napping.

What story is told when we dress for a nap during the day? This week, we’re looking into it. From new dresses to vintage ones, I’m taking a look at dresses that will make me look chic and hopefully make me sleep better. Im excited to have you join me!

Wishing us all a week of good sleep and amazing shoes!