PJ Dressing: As PJs

I’ve always been a fan of pj dressing. And never been afraid to wear my pjs out:

Investment Piece: Trend to be Tie-Dyed
Investment Piece: Vintage NightGown
Investment Piece: PJ dressing

In every post on pj dressing, I emphasize how you can wear “inside” clothes as “outside” clothes. And I stand by those stylings. However, at this point, we may just want pjs to wear inside. Even in bed, lounging, etc, it can feel good to feel “pulled together” or chic, even if you’re in your pjs. Maybe I should have just told you that pjs are a great thing to invest in, and that the right ones can make you feel amazing? I stand by that, too.

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Investment Piece: In my Robe
Investment Piece: Cinderella

What are your go to pjs? When it’s cold, I love to wear sweats, or flannel pjs. One of the most luxe pjs I have are a silk set that are flannel lined. They’re gorgeous and make me feel like a star. We know I have a thing for dressing gowns, I also have a thing for nightgowns. Silk. Cotton. Simple, a bit sexy. I love them all. And yes, during this time I may have been known to put a slip on under a kimono and call it a day.

I’ll also be honest there are days when my pjs are yoga pants and a shirt.

All pjs are amazing, and at times like this, when we might be spending a lot of time in our pjs, maybe they’re something to invest in.

I’m really curious: what pjs are you into? No matter what they look like, I hope in them you’re staying healthy, and taking care of yourself (that means mentally, too!)
I’ve linked some of the pjs sets I’m loving right now below!

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