Inspired by :Fosse/Verdon

Investment Piece: inspired by fosse Verdon
A recent obession of mine? Fosse/Verdon. So much so, that I can’t help but let my fashion by inspired by it.
In one scene, Gwen Verdon (played by the incomparable Michelle Williams) wears the most perfect pantsuit. This is my version of that.
Investment Piece: Fosse Verdon
Investment Piece: Fosse/Verdon
Investment Piece: Inspired by Fosse/Verdon
Investment Piece: Inspired by Fosse/Verdon
We’re all story tellers. I’m a big believer that fashion is just another way we can tell our stories.
Don’t believe me?
What’s your favorite movie? Play?
Can you picture your favorite character? Does it matter what they wear?

(Hint: yes. Yes it does)

This is by no means the first time that I’ve been fascinated by a TV show’s costume department (see here And here), and not the first time I’ve let you know I think fashion is a story telling medium. As an actress and a fashion blogger when things like stories I love (Fosse/Verdon) and fashion collide, I simply can’t contain myself. We can’t jump in the story, but we can jump in the fashion, and that’s almost just as good!

Investment Piece: Inspired by Fosse/Verden
Side Note: Fosse/Verdon (which is on Tuesday nights on FX) is a must watch. We could chat about what we give and give up in relationships. What we sacrifice and kill for creativity. How when we don’t heal ourselves we hurt others. What men take from women. How Michelle Williams is gonna win an Emmy. How I’m constantly amazed at the creative output of Lin-Manuel Miranda (he’s an executive producer). We won’t. But we could. For days. My only advice?
Watch Fosse/Verdon.

Maybe twice.

Investment Piece: Inspired by Fosse/Verdon

What I can chat about today? The pantsuit. A novel thing in the 70/80s. Still a statement. The stories you can tell in a pantsuit are endless. The powerful CEO. The up and comer. The woman leaving. The one arriving. (And yes, in recent years the pantsuit has had some political meaning. Embrace that)

Even more interesting in your pant suit story? You can make one with seperates in your closet. These pants? Elaine Kim (use code RACHEL4EK for 15%off your first order at Elaine Kim). Blazer? I’ve had it for years (I think I got it on eBay). Shoes? Old Jeffrey Campbell, I can never seem to get rid of them as they might be the perfect wedge. And of course, a scarf and a belt. (If we’re channeling early 80s we have to be accessorized). But really, any blazer, any pants, any scarf will do.

Even if you’re not confronting your genius/hurtful husband.

I’ve linked similar items for you below. Want more content that combines my acting and fashion worlds? Let me know! Want more inspired by content? Let me know! Just in general- let me know.

I’ll be over here in my leotard!

Investment Piece: Inspired by Fosse Verdon
FOSSE VERDON — Pictured: (l-r) Michelle Williams as Gwen Verdon, Sam Rockwell as Bob Fosse. CR: Pari Dukovic/FX

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Investment Piece: Inspired by Fosse/Verdon