a woman in pink linen pants, snake sandals, a white button down and a blue linen jacket
In all the chaos that has been my life lately I have felt as if all these outfits I have planned and things I want to wear for the summer have fallen to the wayside. As I write this I am in bike shorts and an oversized shirt. I thought about throwing on a simple silk dress today, or a button down with cut offs, but getting dressed was too much. And when I don’t get dressed I kinda feel bad- so I went through my phone and as it turns out lately has been ALOT. But I have worn clothes- and learned a bit about dressing for chaos!
a woman in a black strapless jumpsuit
I bought this jumpsuit to travel in– I had this idea that it was perfect for a plane (ok maybe not perfect for the bathroom!) but as you could layer and pair with sneakers and then do a quick refresh, pair with heels and be ready to go? I loved! It didn’t come in time for my trip but I have worn it more than once to run errands and under a jacket for hospital visits. Moral? One and done leaves you so much room to play!
a woman in a white button down, a leopard print linen skirt, a Gucci belt bag and lace up sandals
We will chat about linen. And belt bags. BUT, I can’t tell you how a fantastic white button down is becoming a go to. They. Go. With. Everything. Over a skirt? With pants? Jeans. Shorts. Over bike shorts even! Maybe button downs are the things we should be investing in more often! To be honest, I have a collection of button downs, but have never thought of them as THE piece. Yet, I can’t tell you how often I am reaching for one recently. Perhaps a deep dive into button downs is in our future?
a woman in a black linen shirt dress, a Gucci belt bag and lace up asymmetrical shoes
Linen. It’s linen season. In this little round up 3/4 ths of the outfits are linen. And just perhaps- that’s a great thing! Linen is easy and chic- and lends itself to anything from an easy airport outfit to a classic that you can dress up any which way!

It calmed me a little bit to remind myself that lately I have been getting dressed- in things I love. My goal for the new week? To get dressed a bit more. Yet, there will probably be more linen and button downs and belt bags (this one that you see all the time is a vintage Gucci. I wanted one for forever and finally having one has been amazing. I am linking some for you but I found this one on eBay!).

What have you been wearing lately? And what do you want to wear in the weeks to come? I am linking a couple of these options below and I would love to hear about your choices! XO RA

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Each look listed:

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here’s to a new week of lately and fantastic outfits!