Love Lessons

Investment Piece: Love Lessons

This isn’t a relationship blog and I’m no love expert. Though, I do believe in love, have loved and been loved. I’ve been heartbroken and broken hearts. Lost and gained both friends and boyfriends, and tried to really get to know and love myself. It’s all a process. And a lot. I can rant against Valentine’s Day, but not because I don’t love love, and not because I don’t want to celebrate love. There’s just something about Valentine’s that always feels a little forced to me–if you love me I want to be told any day, don’t want to have an over priced meal, and get anxious with all the “you should/have to/it needs to be a great night” energy.

On the other hand, there’s not a party, and more importantly a party dress that I don’t love. So, this year, instead of not “caring” about Valentine’s Day I’m celebrating. In my own way of course! Which means I’m wearing things I love (shoe love is true love!). I’m spending time with people I love (family and friends and alone time!). And I’m sharing some of the love lessons I’ve learned with you (and fashion, fashion may be my true love!). Love in any form can be learning and growing and accepting. It can be romantic or platonic or with your family, yourself, or your shoes.

These are some of the love lessons I’ve learned. Got any to share? I’m all ears!

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Flowers Are Always a Good Idea
Investment Piece: Florals
But I love them the most when I get flowers for no reason.
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Love is Always Love
Investment Piece Love Lessons
So many types of love in our life,and in other’s lives. All of them deserve to be celebrated.
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Being Able to Laugh at Ourselves is a Must
Investment Piece: Love Lessons
Life is funny. We’re funny. Love is funny. You can take something seriously but not take yourself too seriously. And laughing at ourselves is so sexy!
Investment Piece: Shark love or how to dress for Valentine's with a sense of humor
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Investment Piece: Trend to Try: Lingerie
Ourselves. Others. Being able to forgive is a sign of strength, and we are all worthy of grace. Sometimes there is work in relationships, and it’s on us to do the work. Not shy away from it.

Investment Piece: Holiday Gown
You both have to give and take. There’s compromise and things you shouldn’t compromise on. For me, one of the most important things in love is feeling safe- to be myself, to say what I need, to do all the things. And I’ve found your people will love all those things about you!
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Buy the Shoes
Investment Piece: how to purple with retro vibes
Or whatever it is that makes you happy! Sometimes we get second chances, and what’s meant for you is meant for you, but if you love it-buy it! Life is too short to regret!
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Thank you for sharing your love with me! I’m so happy you’re a part of this community, you are so loved and so valued! Happy Valentine’s Day!