Mad Men Audition

Investment Piece: Mad Men Audtion
Investment Piece: Mad Men Audtion
Investment Piece: Mad Men Audtion
Investment Piece: Mad Men Audtion

As an actress, and a fashion lover, there was no show I loved like “Mad Men”. From iconic scenes like Peggy leaving the company smoking to Betty shooting birds, to everything Don Draper did–I LOVED it. I still love it. “Mad Men” was gorgeous and dramatic, everything I wanted to be and nothing I wanted.

There are many, many essays on “Mad Men” and its fashion, so I won’t bore you with my own yearnings for a waredrobe like that. But I can recommend this article on the evolution of Mad Men’s style, The Secret Behind All Your Favorite Mad Men Looks, and How Mad Men Changed Fashion” as jumping off points for your “Mad Men” fashion research.

This look? Let’s take it as my audition to be in “Mad Men”. (I can dream, even if the show is off the air, right?)

The combo made me want to vacuum with a martini, have the pool boy scrub while I watched, and drink coffee for lunch. In short, it had the feel of everything great about “Mad Men” costumes.

Investment Piece: Mad Men Audition
Investment Piece: Mad Men Audtion
My “Mad Men” audition? Part of my summer collab with Amberleaf, the mother/daughter chic company that I just can’t get enough of! Yes, this white blazer (worn as a top here–so sexy and chic, and one of my favorite styling tricks) is Amberleaf. Would it look great with jeans or pants? Yes. Over a shift dress? Yes. With a pencil skirt in a power meeting? Yes. Blazers can be anything you need them to be (even my “Mad Men” fantasy), and you won’t find better options than Amberleaf. You can shop them here. Tell them RachelAdelicia sent you!

The rest of my look? A full skirt and my favorite mules. Shop options with a screenshot via LiketoKnowit here.

I’ve also linked options below.

What are you story (audition) are you telling today?

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