No Pants Dance

a leg in hose on stairs with boots with a pearl on the arch
a woman on stairs in hose, short shorts, a cardigan and boots with a pearl on the arch
a woman in hose, short shorts, a cardigan and boots with a pearl on the arch
a woman in a cardigan and hose and short shorts and boots with a pearl in the arch on stairs
a woman in hose, short shorts, boots with pearls on the arches, and a striped cardigan on stairsI

No pants (or short shorts) are making a comeback (perhaps they never went away? I grew up dancing and this look is VERY Mom picked up me from ballet and we are running errands. In fact, I wrote about this before because this could be “fashion” or a trend, but to me it’s just workout wear! Read here).

This no pants dance seemed natural to me- hose (pro-tip if this is a trend you’re intrigued by the more opaque your tights the more like pants they will feel!), boots (I can never resist a great detail) and a great sweater (a lady like touch a la this gold buttoned cardigan is a go-to!). The no pants trend for me is merely fun- another great pro-tip if this is something to experiment with give yourself a time limit activity (aka dinner or a timed party appearance, etc), and playing with the juxtaposition of lady like details (pearls and this gold button cardigan) with some risqué (no pants!!) has been so so fun!

a woman in hose with short shorts and boots with pearl accents on staris
a woman in hose and short shorts with a striped cardigan and a boots with pearls on stairs

What helps me in trying out new trends or fads or even this no pants dress?

I think of it like a costume. Or a character. Perhaps it’s my acting training. Or my love of a great story (and my firm believe our clothes tell them!)! However, thinking of myself as someone who WOULD wear an outfit like this–in this case no pants- and playing with all possibilities from juxtapositions to big blazers. Lady Like to more on trend. It’s fun. It gives us a chance to play (another great benefit of fashion!)

I’ve had friends play with the no pants for date night. For events. And in variations for day to day life a la errands! I do most associate this look with dance class — but it has given me so many ways to play and to explore. From short shorts to short skirts. Dresses. Blazers. I do think a great pair of hose will help (and of course there are now so many patterns to choose from!) and a pairing you love- like this sweater.

Are you playing the no pants dance? Experimenting? I would love to hear all about it!! Below I’ve linked similar options and some exact options for these boots (Nicolas Kirkwood sock boots with a pearl–in fact I bought mine resale YEARS ago so I love that there are still pairs out there!)

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a woman in hose and short shorts and a cropped gold button cardigan with boots with pearl accents