Old is New

Investment Piece: Old is New
Investment Piece: Old is New
Investment Piece: Old is New

We’ve been at home for a while now. Your routine might be beginning to feel stale, you may feel like you’ve run out of things to wear and do, and you may be yearning for something new.

To be fair, this yearning for new and feeling like you’re out of things to wear could have been happening before the pandemic. But I’m willing to be that staying home more often has made these feelings stronger. I have no idea where I think I could go but I have days when I’m so sick of all the clothes I have and I want all new things!

What are we to do?

Make the old new.

It’s just a way of taking the old we have and making it feel new. Wearing things in a new way, in a new combo, or simply looking at old things with new eyes.

Investment Piece: Old is New
Investment Piece: old is new
Investment Piece: Old is New
Same old, same old? Cutoffs and a t-shirt.
Old is new? Turning the collar and the button holes of your silk shirt in, crossing it in the front, using your belt bag as a tie to keep your shirt closed. Old is new.

All of a sudden, with this one little change, this combo felt new and chic.
(Side note: you could always use a little safety pin to help your shirt stay closed! Or wear a regular belt. There are endless options- once you start looking at things in a new way)

I have nothing against new clothes (in fact,I love them!), but I’m even a bigger fan of having endless ways to wear all my old and new things!

I bet that you have a ton of amazing things in your closet that could be feeling a little blah right now, how could you switch those things up and make them feel brand new?

This shirt is vintage and these shorts are old, but I’ve found you similar and I’ve linked them below for you (if you do find you need something new!). I’d love to see how you’re styling your old (and new) things!


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Investment Piece: Old is New