Ex Files: Retrogrades

Investment Piece: Retrogrades

Dating can be its own genre of horror,and these stories prove it! From The One Who Wanted his Money Back to My Ex’s Friends to (sadly) many more (you can take a dive through my love life by searching ex files in the search bar!). This is part attempt to Carrie Bradshaw my love life, part commiserate, part entertain! I hope you enjoy! Xo RA


If you’re not an astrology girl (I am!) you may not be aware, but Mercury (planet of communication and travel) went retrograde yesterday. During this time (to 2/20) we can expect delays, miscommunication, and you might be warned against signing contracts, etc. (Though Retrogrades aren’t completely bad! They are a great time to reflect!) Another thing that Retrogrades are known for? Having exes pop back up! For me, it’s already started.

I met Neil through a friend about 4 years ago. He was nice enough, but for me there was no spark. Our first “date”, which wasn’t really a date, he met me for a quick coffee on his lunch break while I was writing in a coffee shop. Neil mainly let me know that he was really important, and sat by me answering work emails. For some reason, I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and meet him for drinks about a week later.

Neil was nice. But we didn’t click at all. Our drink date consisted of both of us trying to tell stories or make jokes, and the other person not getting it. Chemistry is hard to find when you’re having to over explain everything you’re saying. After that date, I knew that Neil and I were not meant to be.

I let him down gently, and I thought he understood. However, his response was to ask me to dinner. I declined. He asked me to go camping (I know- weird and if you know me well, I’m more glam-per than camper). I declined. He asked me to go for a night hike. Again, I declined.

Finally, I thought that Neil had taken the hint- he stopped asking me out, I had moved on and thought he had.

Till this week. Neil has been calling me every night. I never answer (I don’t think we have anything to say). He never leaves a message. It’s not bad necessarily- he wasn’t a huge asshole, and I truly wish him well– I just have no desire to have to explain everything I say. I’m not sure what Neil is wanting to happen, but it’s made me giggle every night that he’s calling.

What about you? Has anyone from your past popped up? Let’s be clear- there are some exes I wouldn’t mind hearing from, but I hoping Neil retrogrades soon!

Here’s to the right exes reaching out and the others staying gone! Xo RA