Running Late

Investment Piece: Running Late
Investment Piece: running late

Is anyone else having a weird relationship with time right now? I’m at home more than ever, I have both everything and nothing to do, all the time. In the before, I answered emails and messages promptly, even when it was lax, I kept a schedule.


It varies day to day. Sometimes I’m on top of it, maintain at least a semblance of routine, and I can get things done. Most importantly, I can be on time. However, sometimes I forget to answer messages for days at a time, get lost doing nothing, and run late.

Like very late. (Which is hard when there is no set schedule)

I’ve tried a lot to get me “in line” and “on time” and “on routine”, but for the most part, I’m trying to be graceful and kind to myself right now. There’s a lot and one late email won’t topple the world. (Right? Tell me I’m right. Also, if you have tips how to do any of this while in quarantine, I’m all ears)

Which brings me to wearing white. And white pants. Quintessential summer. Chic and fresh. And if you’re one of those people that are adamant that this is a style that we put away after Labor Day, an outfit staple whose time limit is drawing near (I wrote about wearing white after Labor Day here)

I haven’t worn these jeans all summer. So, do I have a week to make up for lost time? I’m running late.

Investment Piece: Running Late
Investment Piece: running late
Investment Piece: running late

Wearing all white is both hopeful and daring. And tempts fate. To me, it screams summer. But in a summer that has seen little need for jeans, these have sat untouched. At one point, I had all sorts of outfits planned, but I never put them on. I was running late. But now that time is running out(?), do I have to put them away?

(Sizing note: these exact jeans are linked below for you. I sized up. Which I normally do with white pants-just in case- there is little stretch in these, though they do loosen up as you wear them!)

Investment Piece: Running late

If I can find the grace for myself to muddle through days when it feels like I’m off schedule, and manage to get things done; could we find the grace to continue wearing white in a week? Should jeans this good pay the price for me running late?
While I do plan on wearing them (a lot?) this week, I’m now open to the idea of not acknowledging that Labor Day “deadline”. If I’m running late, why can’t my fashion?

(At least, that’s my current theory)

Jeans and tops linked below

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