Simple Lines

 a woman's foot with red nails wand a red  cage Sandal and black jumpsuit on stairs

Do you remember that line from school? KISS? AKA: Keep It Simple Stupid. It was for papers and reports- like don’t get too carried away. But it also works for outfits.

And I say this as someone who gets carried away.

All the time. And for any reason.

BUT. An outfit that speaks for itself? Where every piece is a statement and yet goes together? That is incredibly comfy and yet feels forcesful. Well. Let me recommend a tux jumpsuit with cage sandals (both of these EXACT products linked for you below!) This outfit is so simple on a first glance- or read. IT’s JUST a jumpsuit and some flats. But on further look it’s the lines, it’s the cuts. it’s the fits that make this “simple” lined outfit stand out!

a woman in a black tux jumpsuit and red cage sandals
a woman in a black tux jumpsuit and red cage sandals
a woman in a black tux jumpsuit with red cage sandals

Maybe it’s the lines of the junpsuit. Down the leg. Or the chest plunge. Maybe it’s the pockets. OR these cage sandals. The across lines. The up and down lines. Maybe it’s a combination of it all.
(And yes, there are so many MANY ways to style this outfit-lines or no lines– perhaps layer underneath the jumpsuit. Hose with the sandals. Or add accessories like a necklace or floral brooches. SO many options with these 2 offerings!)

But the lines? The lines are fantastic. From shadows. To sandals. To jumpsuits. All of it. And all of the lines and all of the options. It’s almost like a grid and to make a great outfit you can mix in your own personal loves!

Below are linked these 2 itemsQ I also think that that any way you want to do these lines!

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