Spring Wishlist

Each new season there seems to be a new Wishlist I make. Items to freshen up my wardrobe, make things feel new, and celebrate the season. I happen to live in places where spring quickly bleeds into summer, but it’s still one of my favorite seasons. Spring seems to always be that perfect moment where it’s not too hot, but the layers begin to shed. So, what am I shopping for this season?

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Investment Piece: Spring Wishlist
Little white sandals to go with all sorts of dresses and jeans. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect white pant for year (shop some of the ones I’m considering here). White is just one of the colors that screams spring to me, and it’s all over my spring Wishlist.

Investment Piece: spring Wishlist
Linen Pants
I especially love these leopard ones! (If you love these exact ones, you can sign up for them here.) Linen is a go-to spring fabric for me (pro-tip, if it’s 100% linen it will wrinkle uncontrollably. A cotton/linen blend is always best!), and I love the selection we have this year!

Investment Piece: Spring Wishlist
Yes, I loved snakeskin in the winter, and I’m still loving it in the spring. Especially with sandals like
these, what’s not to put on your spring Wishlist?

Investment Piece: Spring Wishlist
New Jeans
Every season, I want a new pair of jeans, and spring is no exception. Wide-leg, high waisted, cropped. There are so many jeans I want this spring!

Investment Piece: Spring Wishlist
Platform Sandals
Perfect for showing off spring dresses and skirts. And this spring Wishlist item will take you right through summer!

All of these spring Wishlist items are below for your shopping pleasure. I’d love to know: what’s on your spring Wishlist?