Summer Whites

Investment Piece : Summer Whites
Investment Piece: Summer Whites
Investment Piece: Summer Whites

Summer whites, I have a thing for them. (See here and here for starters) All white is a little romantic, a little daring (I always feel like I’m tempting stain fate), and a little optimistic. There’s just something about an all white outfit that makes me feel like I’m wearing the best of summer.

Investment Piece: Summer White

Side note: while you’re wearing a traditional color, like white, there’s no rule that you can’t be untraditional about it. I love jackets that are unexpected like this one. Yes, it would also look great over something (as well as with anything from cut-offs to suit pants), but I love taking something like a summer white and making it my own!

Investment Piece: summer whites
Investment Piece: summer whites

And yes, together, this look is a little on the formal/suit side. Insert the part where I tell you how you could wear these pieces separately and how you could make them casual! And you could! These basics are great to have in your closet to wear any which way you like! I know right now a lot of our lives can be lived casually right now, and I’m doing that too. However, there are still times during these times (say that a few times fast) that we may need to be daring and romantic and optimistic. So, I couldn’t resist the urge to “suit up” or be a little more dressy- even if it was just in the backyard.

In the morning light, with coffee, it was the perfect look to help me feel as if I was getting a jump on my day and could conquer anything.

Starting your day with pieces that make you smile and amazing shoes is a trick I reserve for Monday mornings. It helps!

I would love to know: do you rock all white looks? Are you living in yoga pants or getting dressed? How does all white make you feel?

And–don’t hate me– I did change into yoga pants a bit after this!
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Investment Piece: Summer Whites