Surprise Ending

Investment Piece: Surprise Ending
Investment Piece: Surprise EndingInvestment Piece: Surprise Ending

Loves, we know how I feel about juxatipositons. I LOVE them!! So is it any surprise that I love a good surprise ending?
The kind you don’t see coming.
With all sorts of twists and turns.
The kind that makes you gasp.

Who said that surprise endings couldn’t happen in fashion?

This shirt dress (similar here) is one of my all time go-to’s. It’s as classic and as daring as you like it, the dress not only buttons down the front, but the back and the sides as well. So, it’s fitting that it’s the back drop for a surprise ending.

Investment Piece: Surprise Ending
Investment Piece: Surprise Ending
Investment Piece: Surprise Ending
Investment Piece: Surprise Ending

It’s hot. (That’s not the surprise ending) And I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking of everything I can do to not only stay cool, but look like I’m pulled together while staying cool. The surprise ending? Vintage swim under my shirt dress. All the structure and poise of a dress, all the coolness that wearing your swimsuit in public allows.

Bonus in this surprise ending? You get to wear your swimsuit in public. I’m always a fan of that.
(See here, here, and here for starters)

Of course, dresses on their own are a great way to combat the end of summer heat wave, but I’m a sucker for the drama. I love glimpses of things that maybe don’t belong, the unexpected, and the juxatipositons. Like vintage swim under your dress; I love that they’re almost like shorts (but not quite) and maintain an air of class (even though they’re swim suits). And, with these on, you’re always prepared to get in the water (if the need so arises).

Surprise endings? A way to keep the heat from beating us? Or just a way to switch things up?
Maybe it’s all 3?

I’ve linked similar items below. I’d love to know: what surprise ending will you share?

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Investment Piece: Surrpise Ending