Fashion Halloween: T-Rex

a woman in a cocktail dress with a tree mask on
a woman in a cocktail dresss and a T-Rex mask
a woman in a cocktail dress and a T-Rex mask
a woman in a cocktail dress and a TRex mask
a woman in a cocktail dress and a TRex mask

You may have caught on that I love dinosaurs. Like, little kid love dinosaurs. So, it should come as no surprise that I would want to be one for Halloween. In the past few years, as the inflatable costumes have become popular, I’ve thought about getting one and living out my T-Rex fantasies. The issue? How do I make that fashion (because,yes, it’s me and I would want to wear heels with it!)? How do you get around in such a big costume? And would the inflatable T-Rex let me move about?

I’ve always passed on that sort of T-Rex costume because I couldn’t figure out the answer to those questions. But, I did want to be a dinosaur for Halloween. And, because of who I am as a person thought the idea of juxtaposing my love of Dinos and my love of fashion would be fun. It was the perfect fit when I then found this T-Rex mask (though it does have the tail and little arms!). It makes the most fashionable T-Rex paired with a cocktail dress and heels, though of course would make a great T-rex paired with anything from sweats to leggings to jeans and a t-shirt (I love that it being a mask lets you have so much freedom!). And if Dinos aren’t your thing, the same idea could work with any mask you love!

Part of why I love Halloween is that it lets us be all that we want- let our imaginations go wild. And I’m so so so excited this year to be able to be a T-Rex- and a fashionable one at that!

Below I’ve linked similar T-Rex costumes, as well as some inflatables (if you go that route I would love to hear about it!). I got this exact mask at Target, but can’t seem to find it online for you! If I happen upon it, I will update shopping options asap- because a good T-Rex is hard to find!

What are you dying to be for Halloween? And how are you making it your own? This T-Rex in heels wants to know!

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a woman in a cocktail dress and a TRex mask