The Only Faux is my Fur

Investment Piece: The only Faux is my Fur
Investment Piece: The only Faux is my Fur
Investment Piece: The Only Faux is my Fur

We spout the phrase “fake it till you make it” as stellar advice, in both professional and personal matters. And I get it- faking it helps you get where you need to be. When I was in Los Angeles, auditioning a ton, a Casting Director told us to always dress nicely and carry an expensive purse, it would give the illusion (or faux appearance) that we were “busy and booked”. Thus making us more appealing (the wanting what we can’t have and wanting what other people want parts of psychology). If you’re feeling less than confident, people will tell you to fake it- act confident until you are. And it works! Acting like you’re happy, etc, is proven to make you more happy.
So, should we always be a faux version of ourselves?

I’m all for a dose of false confidence to help me become more confident, but I also want to be comfortable in my skin. I’ll give you the appearance of everything being perfect, but when I need to, I want to let people know what’s bugging me, or what’s wrong. And it’s not just me- most of us don’t like fake people (which I know can include a lot of behaviors), most of us don’t want a faux life. Do we fake it till we make it or do we be real?

And, I don’t have any answers. I think it comes down to discernment. Yes, faking it while making it is a great strategy, and yes you are amazing even when you’re not, and you can be real with people. Can both things be true? Why not?

The good news is that in fashion, fauxs are good- unless they’re knockoffs, which is a whole other conversation, so for the sake of this one? Let’s chat really, honest- the only faux is my fur.

investment piece: the only thing Faux is my fur

Do you have a strong opinion on fur? Or Faux fur? This is where I admit besides faux, I love vintage furs- especially my grandma’s! Vintage fur is a form of recycling, and while I don’t condone animal cruelty, the animals are long since dead. Real, modern fur? That makes me feel a bit more icky- or I should say my feelings are a bit more complicated. . So, I’m incredibly grateful that faux fur has come a long way. And I’m grateful that so many vintage furs are out there. This number? Faux! But it’s so soft and chic, and during the winter it keeps me warm and feeling like I’m making it, which is especially important when it feels dreary outside (and sometimes in!).

January, especially the tale end of the month, is really a fake it till you make it month- between the winter blahs, the feeling that maybe your resolutions were a bit much, the cold, and the yearning for spring. Is is possible that a faux could help us fake it? That by wearing something faux we could get to a real place? I only know we can try, and that a chic faux fur never hurt.

This faux fur is from years ago, but I found you some great faux and vintage fur pieces below (side note: these leather leggings are real, but faux leather can be amazing too! We can fake it in that as well!)
I would love to know what you’re working towards and how you’re faking it (or not!) right now!
xo RA

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investment Piece: The only thing Faux is my fur