The Shoulds

Investment Piece: The Shoulds

There are a lot of Shoulds this time of year. What we should be doing, feeling, celebrating. Shoulds about eating and gifting and activities.
My least favorite of all the Shoulds?

What we should be wearing. I love fashion. And dressing up. And holiday outfits. For no reason at all, I will dress to the nines and I love all the sparkle, etc, that comes at this time of year. However, I don’t like being told that I should. As much as I love the holiday looks? I also love my sweats and relaxing, wearing what I want instead of what I “should”.

Investment Piece: Essentials

I thought that this year might be different. But it’s not. Even when we’re staying in, we’re being encouraged to dress like we “should” for the holiday season. Plaids, reds, sequins- I love them all! But is it that we want to wear all those things, or are we simply feeling like we should?

Investment Piece: Fashion Stories Holiday Dressing

Would the holidays still be jolly if we dressed how we wanted? If you wore neon or sweats or your swim suit?

With everything upside down this year, I’ve been thinking a lot about the Shoulds. Comparing what I really want to wear on any given day with what I feel like I should. There are days when I’ve come to the living room in one of my party dresses, there have been days when I’ve worn the same leggings that I’ve worn for the previous few days. On both of those days, I’ve gotten things done- even the holiday type things.

Like the Grinch discovering that Christmas isn’t about all the stuff, I’m playing with the idea that holidays aren’t outfit dependant. Not that I’ve changed some of my core beliefs- I still truly believe that fashion tells a story and your outfit can affect your mood.

BUT. I’m thinking about how the holidays are still the holidays when your holiday outfit is a low-key comfy number and not something you should.

Investment Piece: Cinderella

What are you wearing for the holidays? What do you feel like you should be wearing for the holidays? I love a great party dress, so even staying home I’ll probably put one on (for at least a little bit!), but I’m also be jolly in sweats. Not because I should, but because this holiday is one of cozy nights in.
I’d love to know all about your outfits!

I’ve linked some lounge wear I’m loving right now!


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