a woman in tux pants, corset top, and leopard sneakers
a woman in tux pants corset top and leopard sneakers
 a woman in tux pants and a corset top. Leopard sneakers.
a woman in tux pants, corset top, leopard sneakers
a woman in tux pants a corset top and leopard sneakers

I often will tell you how I love a juxtaposition. They’re interesting. They make anything -from an outfit to a room – really anything (sorry I got 2 cats in my lap and try to find a ton of examples is not ideal! Having a cat in your lap-that may be another post!)

SO here’s the thing. tux pants (which these are. A fun fact about these ones that I bought second hand- I love that the cummerbund is adjustable) are a fun thing to to play with. Not matter the tux pants (or jacket) you can either dress them up (add heels, add a fancy top, no top with a blazer) or dress them down- like here I paired them with sneakers. Though I’m sure that with a leopard print these sneakers are super dressed down!

Ways I’ve also styled these tux pants: with graphic tees and heels, with vintage pj jackets and also with silk blouses and closed toe heels. Classic but with this cummerbund- it always feels like a statement.

Yes, these are second hand for years past- and yet any tux pants (some of my current faves are linked below), any kind of tux pants are such an easy way to style anything in your closest. A great tee? Dress it up with a tux pant. Need to dress formally? A blazer or a silk blouse, paired with heels could be the ticket.

(Yes, it feels odd to call any outfit combo the ticket as mainly as there are so many outfit combos for so many outfits and most of all I want. you to go with outfits that make you feel amazing!)

And there are so many outfits that I know or feel as if you can make (?) with a pair of tux pants!

Here’s what I love about the unexpected- with tux pants or with anything:

-It’s a way to let your style bleed into your real life. Where I wore this outfit? To Target. To errands. No where fancy, but I felt special everywhere I went.

-It’s a way to express yourself. Let’s be honest- from tux to suits to everything in between- we (as a people) have a way that we “think” things will be styled. For a tux? You expect black tie- and maybe that’s heels or blazer or vest or silk shirt or all of the above. So to see it (tux pants that is) with sneakers (and leopard which to me is a neutral but may not be) or a version of a corset top (here it’s just strapless, but really I may mean racy?)- this is not what one would expect.

Yet- As someone who loves to dress up but doesn’t always have a place to dress up at, as someone who loves playing with various pieces and seeing what fits for various days. For someone who truly believes that dressing for our days-no matter what they bring- is a way to bring joy to us- the unexpected is a great way to play with our fashion and also find a way to fit out style into our day to day style. (Said as someone who loves a great part look yet whose daily outings are more likely to include the grocery store rather than balls).

So- tux pant with sneakers? Or graphic tees? Or flats? Or anything that than the (chic) blazer and heels? A bit unexpected. But a lot bit of how to make your fashion your own (which is the point, no?)

I’ve linked similar unexpected pairs for you below- and of course, if your styling is a bit more expected I’m a fan of that as well!

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 a woman in a black corset. black tux pants and leopard  sneakers