Investment Piece: #Wfh
Investment Piece: #WFH
Investment Piece: #WFH

#WFH (work from home) isn’t new to me. But, even I will tell you that things with the pandemic and lockdown(s) have made the experience incredibly different than what I (and us) were used to. Yes, I worked from home in the before. However, I also went to the gym, took meetings, met people, had events, wrote at coffee shops, and more. For working from home, there were days when I wasn’t home at all.

Then things changed. And then in the change, things changed.

Workouts (and if you read Sunday Chronicles this week you’ll be glad to know that yes, I did finally get the bike together, have taken my first at-home spin class, and yes, cried!) are at home, meetings are at zoom, and outfits are interesting.

I used to joke that for someone who loved fashion and fancy outfits like I do, I was technically able to get away with wearing pjs and sweats 90% of the time. Now, we all can. So, in this new world, what is business wear? What is appropriate?

Basically, what are you wearing while you #WFH?

Investment Piece: #WFH
Investment Piece: #WFH
Investment Piece: #WFH

I’ll admit I have days where I get dressed, like really dressed with jeans and fancy things and make-up. And days when I don’t get dressed at all. Days where I’m lounging in sweats.

But most days are a bit of a mix. Blazers over workout clothes, like above. (These leggings are super high waisted and I love them- wear them low to work out, pull them up so that your work calls are professional. I also love one pieces! Layer them with blouses and sweaters!) Sneakers. Red lips to distract from the fact that I don’t have any other makeup on. It’s #WFH in many ways- the workout and the work and the balance between the two.
(Yes, balance like my outfits, is a bit harder now, but I’m trying to make it work!)

I like to think this is a fashionable way to #WFH, but I will also take that it’s a way to get it all in and look good for it all.

What are you wearing to #WFH? Any tips to share?

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Investment Piece: #WFH