What We’re Wearing : Flares

Every Tuesday over on Instagram (please join me! @RachelAdelicia) I “host” a little segment called “What We’re Wearing”. From Un-boxings to daily outfits to fashion I’m loving, we chat about everything and anything, especially what we’re wearing.

Last week I chatted about flare jeans. I can’t stay away from them this fall, even though I’ve always loved them. They’re the party dress of jeans, and we know that I’ve never been one to turn down a party dress!

I would love to know: what jeans are you loving this season? Are you wearing jeans? I’ll admit that lately everytime I wear jeans I feel as if I deserve an award! I’ve linked some of my favorite flares below.

(Yes, it’s an affiliate link, that does not affect the price for you though I may earn commission from them! Thank you for your support!)

Shop my picks here.

I can’t wait to see what you’re wearing!

What We’re Wearing

A few months ago, I began a little video series on Instagram called “What We’re Wearing”. I mainly wanted to a. Keep myself accountable to always be creating, and b. Wanted an informal place to chat about what I’m wearing or thinking about or unpacking that week. If you follow me on Instagram (@racheladelicia) you’ve seen it and I appreciate you, and I’m sorry this is redundant for you. But if you don’t follow me (and I appreciate you being here!) I didn’t want to leave you out. So, I figured I would round up a few of my little videos for your Friday viewing pleasure.

Each is a bit different (and there are more on IG) but I wanted to give you a little taste. Most importantly, I would love to know: what are you wearing? What are you buying for spring? Or thinking about your closet? Tell me all of it!

Western Boots

For my first episode I dove deep into western boots!


After the holidays I was gifted a bunch of vintage, I’m still sorting it and shooting it and loving it. You’ve seen some of it here!

Spring Shoes

I love these sandals I recently got on sale. You can shop them here (Yes, that is an affiliate link, and while that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from it. Thank you for your support! Also, these babes are under $50!)

I have a lot more to chat about, and I can’t wait to share it all with you!