So, You Gave Up

Investment Piece: So You Gave Up
Investment Piece: So, you Gave Up
Investment Piece: So, you Gave up
Investment Piece: So, you gave up
Investment Piece: So, you gave up
Investment Piece: So You gave up

There’s an infamous quote:
“So, you gave up, and put on some sweat pants”.

Well. I haven’t given up. But, I have put on some sweatpants. Can you blame me when they’re this cute? The grey is just perfect, the stripes keep them bright, and they are the perfect amount of warm.

Here, I couldn’t resist adding striped socks and heels. Just because they are comfy and cozy, doesn’t mean that sweat pants aren’t a going out pant. I love the Juxatipositon of pairing a set like this with heels. In fact, break it up! Wear the sweatshirt with a skirt or nice pants. Pair the sweat pants with a button down or blouse. Wear with heels! But, I have also worn this set with sneakers. And slippers. And to bed. In fact, this set is so comfy and wears so well, when I got it I couldn’t help but wear it for almost a day straight. It’s that versitaile and that good.

I also wore a trench because I wear a trench with everything. Tis the season.

Over on Instagram, this week I chatted a little bit about cold weather outfits. This here? This is a perfect one.

Giving up? I’ve never heard of it. Keeping warm and chic? I plan to keep doing that in spades.

I would love to know: when is the last time you rocked a sweatsuit in public? Is it this chic?

I’ve linked this exact suit and similar accessories below!

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Investment Piece: so you gave up