Family Emergency

Investment Piece: Fashion Travels

I had big plans about what to talk about today. I recently got on my first plane since COVID. Thoughts about packing (is there such a thing as too many shoes?! Of course not!) And how travel size of your fave cosmetics from sunscreen to lipstick are a great investment.

Then. Life. This weekend my mother got sick and after an ER visit yesterday my mom needed emergency surgery. Ironically I wore a jumpsuit I wanted to talk about- but fashion and posts haven’t been something I have been able to get to.

Mom is doing ok- and now that we are past the emergency I am hoping for a recovery that’s easy! We will chat all kinds of travel- including do you care what you wear to the hospital? In the meantime I’m off to rest- see ya here Fri?

Thank you for your patience!

Xox RA

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Actress, avid shopper, and a lover of fashion. Hoping to make the world a better place one pair of shoes at a time.