Holiday Expectations

Investment Piece: A Merry Little Christmas

We are officially in the holiday season. Are you tired of people telling you that this holiday season will be different? Between the pandemic, and shut downs, I think we all know that this year may not look like years past.

And that’s okay.

It’s also okay to miss things. I’ve been honest that I miss dressing up, parties, and other holiday traditions-like going to see the Nutcracker. I don’t see the harm in being sad about things.

But just because things are different,and we might miss things, doesn’t make this holiday season bad. Right? It all comes down to our holiday expectations.

Wasn’t it Shakespeare who said that “expectations are the roots of all heartache”? He might have been on to something. Even in a “normal” year, the holidays come with loads of expectations, traditions, and nostalgia that can be hard to compete with. My dad is one of those that wants every holiday to be “the best” and “perfect” and while that’s great, the older I get the more I know that what makes something “the best” can often be little things, and perfect isn’t a thing.
Also, getting caught up in trying to recreate how things were (even sometimes outfits!) doesn’t always work out.

So, what are your holiday expectations?
I’m trying to focus on small moments-watching my favorite films, wearing things I love (even just to the living room), looking at Christmas lights, etc.
I’m making new traditions- setting up virtual parties, baking for my neighbors of having them over, and indulging myself however is safe.
I’m also changing things around here. Normally this is a time where we would do a lot of holiday gift guides, and while you can still find those (and so much shopping inspiration) over at LiketoKnowit and Shopsyle, I’ll be doing one gift guide here (really focusing on shopping small!). I’ll be sharing outfits-with not an eye towards big parties but things that are luxe and that you can lounge in! And I’ll be sharing holiday traditions – from movies to what I’m baking to all the little things that will make this holiday for me.

This year will be different. And what if instead of tensing around that, we let our expectations be high? That we get excited about what could be the perfect and best holiday?

What are your holiday expectations? And plans? Even if it’s different, how are you handling this season, and what are you doing to get excited about it?

Tell me them all!

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