Summer’s Last

Investment Piece: Swim Suit Round Up

Labor Day, or the unofficial end of summer, is this weekend. While I know come next Tuesday, it will still be hot, officially summer, and there willl be plenty of time to wear all my summer faves, I can’t help but feel pressured to get all of summer in this weekend.

Investment Piece: Vintage swim

This summer has felt disjointed. With the US still being in various stages of a lock down, and my travel and schedule cut, my fashion has become both more deliberate and a little bit all over the place. Usually, I have a summer list of outfits that I can’t wait to wear, and days upon days where I wear white and swimsuits. This summer? Outfit planning has come in spurts, as have the wearing of white pants and swim. Even if I spend the next 6 days wearing nothing but swimsuits and white pants, I might not get my fill.

(Good news, I’ve personally decided that there are no fashion rules this year so even after Tuesday we can wear whatever we want. Everyone wins! Get on board ;))

Investment Piece: Summer Mood

But. Even if we don’t have to put certain clothes away on Tuesday, or rush into fall (though I do love fall), the season of summer (which I also love) is in its last. What do we do with it?

If I don’t let myself get overwhelmed by what I “should” be doing, or feeling like I have to cram all the things in, I’ve been thinking about what I love about summer and what I would like more of. Yes, swim suits, white pants, and the pool are a part of it. In summer, I also love putting on sundresses and reading in the afternoons while eating cherries or watermelons because it’s too hot to do anything else. I love watching movies, and getting so chilled that you have to put on a sweatshirt over your swim suit. I love the ease of both fashion and days that are long.

When I think about what I want for my summer lasts, I want outfits, food, company, and activities that make me feel good. What about you?


Investment Piece: Surprise Ending

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