Picnic in Style

Investment Piece: Picnic in Style

I often think about the saying that “style is not only what you wear, but how you do everything”. There are so many ways to interpret it, so these thoughts are solely my own. To me, thinking about everything you do being your style means that the more we make conscious choices about what we do, how we decorate, and how often we do the things we love. All of this is how we tell our stories!

A story I often want to tell (aka something I always think about doing but hardly ever do)? A picnic! We all know I love a good charcuterie board (which somehow in my mind are almost the same thing!)

Investment Piece: Cheese Board

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Ever since we went on lockdown (and truly, way before that), I have been thinking how fun a picnic might be! Your fave finger friendly food, perhaps a little bubble or wine, good company- and of course a great basket, great outfit, and stunning shoes. I can’t think of a better way to spend an afternoon. So, after year(s) of thinking about it- I did it! I took myself on a picnic! (Yes, it was in my own yard, but that still counts!)

And while I was on my picnic, couldn’t help but think of my style- and what I wanted my picnic to say.

Investment Piece: Picnic in Style

I love purple (and these were some of my fave shoes from last summer and I’ve linked you this summer’s version!), so I knew that it had to be a bit purple. Simple but elegant was something that I wanted- not too crowded, not too over the top, but yummy and stylish. And I like to think that this was exactly what I had planned. A little cheese, a little fruit, a little wine, and my favorite cracker (jalapeño saltine if you can find them!) A great pair of shoes, and a great basket. I hope this picnic lets you know just a little bit about my style 🙂

If you love this basket, I’ve found you similar below. I hope that this week finds you doing things you love and being stylish about it!

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Picnic in Style

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