Investment Piece: Systems
Investment Piece: Systems

This is a Mrs. Emily skirt (lovingly made by hand and goes with it all. You can read more about how much I love Mrs. Emily, a small fashion designer here. And while this about how much I love this silk skirt (and you can customize the hem length!) and all the things you can wear with it (from party looks to work looks), it’s also about systems (like outfit formulas, but for our lives).

One of the many, many things I love about Mrs. Emily is her fashion philosophy. Her Instagram (@mrsemily) and her newsletter (highly recommend sign up here) are full of thoughts on waredrobe building, confidence building, and how we can make our lives work (through our clothes). Mrs. Emily will tell you that she’s a wife, momma, and fashion designer (and maker), she speaks honestly about all the different hats she’s wearing, and how she makes that work.

I love the honesty (because it’s not always easy) and I love how these musing make me think about my own fashions and my own systems. In fashion, we talk about systems as outfit formulas- things we know go together, that you can simply put on, and they make your life easier. What about the systems (or outfit formulas) for our lives, from work to social? Do they make our lives easier and make us feel good? Or do we need to update them?

Investment Piece: Systems
Investment Piece: Systems

Like all of us, I wear a bunch of hats. Fashionista. Blogger. Actress. Daughter. Sister. Friend. Caregiver. Cook. Dishwasher. Every day is a bit different, but there is never a lack of things to do. Sometimes I feel on top of it all, sometimes I feel completely overwhelmed. What I’m learning (and what Mrs. Emily will tell you) is that the more you can design your life to support all the things you do, the easier your life is on you. For me, that means schedules, time to write, time to be creative, planning ahead, and more.

Honestly? Lately, I’ve been feeling like I to update my systems. Find better ways to make space for all my things. I’m thinking of it like this skirt, I know no matter what when I put it on, it will look and feel good. It’s like that, but for my schedule. (Or you could think of it as a new outfit formula- like all of the sudden figuring out that there are a million ways to do jeans and a tee- and they all work!).

Is it a weird time of year to be adjusting my systems? With us heading full steam into the holiday season, most of us get through, then readjust in the new year. While I understand that mindset, I know that I need the support now, and I thought- I’ll be playing with holiday looks all season, why not play with my systems?

So. I’ll be adjusting, trying out, scheduling, rescheduling and seeing what works for me. Like putting everything from a tee to a blazer with my new fave Mrs. Emily skirt, I’m looking for things that let me work, no matter what the day calls for. And I’m a bit excited to see what systems I come up with.

What about you? How are your life systems? Are you feeling supported by them? If you have any great tips, I would love to hear about them!

Investment Piece: Systems

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