The Waiting Game

Investment Piece: The Watiing Game
Investment Piece: The Waiting Game
Investment Piece: The Waiting Game
Investment Piece: The Waiting Game
Investment Piece: The Waiting Game
Investment Piece: The Waiting Game

Loves, if your memory is long, you might remember that these shoes that were some that I have been lusting after for ages. (Ok. Years. Just years. Which felt like ages.) The best part? They are finally mine. I’m a firm believer, in fashion, that what’s meant to be ours eventually finds its way to us.

Another thing that I believe? You don’t have to pay full price for the things you lust after. You really don’t. From resale to sales, there is always a way to get what you want, stay on budget, and yet fulfill your desires. Do you have to wait some things out? Yes. Can it be a little nerve racking? Yes. But, it’s how I shop most of the time, and how I’ve built myself a closet full of investment pieces. Let’s chat about it :

Some of my favorite places to put out alerts, reguarly check, and stalk items:
The RealReal
Vestiaire Collective
Both ShopStyle and LiketoKnow.It have sale alerts. (Most of your favorite sites do as well, as well as Google!) Etsy is a great place to search for many things, not only vintage.

And need helping finding that special something? Email me at, I would love to put my shopping skills to work!

Love the same shoes I did? I got them on the RealReal. Lucky you? I’ve linked some below for your shopping pleasure!

Hope that my tips for shopping change your life the way that they changed mine!

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red-y set

Loves, like many of you, I was rocked by the tragic death of Kate Spade this week. I’m still wrapping my head around it, and trying to figure out what to say. Isn’t it funny that sometimes an event involving someone we don’t personally know can rock us so deeply? I know her struggle with depression and anxiety, and her worry about her brand, hit close for some of us; making this topic both difficult to talk about, and yet, impossible to ignore. I was going to write about it today, but everything I put on paper felt wrong. Then I got so wrapped up in that struggle that letting it go seemed wrong as well. I’m working on that piece, in the meantime let’s flash back to a piece and outfit that made me smile. I hope you’re week has been smooth sailing. I hope that if you’re suffering, you know how cared you are, and you know that reaching for help means you’re strong, not weak. Thinking of us all xx RA

Investment Piece: red- set
Investment Piece: Red-y Set
Investment Piece: Red-y Set

It seems just fitting to end a week where I chatted about a vintage trip (missed that? check out #fashioninthewild here) with a vintage set. It’s no secret that I have a thing for vintage. By now you know I think it’s chic and modern to mix vintage and new. And this outfit combines all of those things.

It’s a red-y set.

Yes, in my mind the word match was said. Yes, it’s a bad joke. But if you didn’t at least think it, we may have to reevaluate some things.

Investment Piece: Red-y Set
Investment Piece: red- set
Investment Piece: Red-y Set

What I love about sets? Especially this red-y set? Within the set are endless possibilities. Wear the pieces together. Wear them apart. Add accersories to your heart’s content. Keep the look simple. So many options, so many looks, so many ways to be red-y set.

This vintage won me over this past holiday season, though I like to think that this knit could be worn year round. And this red color? When isn’t red in season?

I love the classic ease of this look, it made me feel very Rosemary Clooney in White Christmas during the holiday season. Now that spring is here, it makes me feel very chic. The knit is mid-weight, meaning it can hold its shape, but isn’t too hot. I love the addition of the bigger belt–the set is a little big on me, and while I’ll tell you I’m not a belt lady, I love great waist definition. The kitten heel is my new old favorite thing. They just scream chic to me. This look is perfect for work, or drinks, or whenever you want to feel a little put together.

I’ve also rocked this skirt with a band tee and this sweater with jeans. Red-y sets may be my new go-to!

This set is vintage, as is the belt, but I’ve linked similar items and these shoes below!


Sequin Dress

Please note: this post does contain some affiliate links. While I may earn commission from them, it does not affect the price for you. Thank you for your support!

Investment Piece: Red-y Set

Mixed Patterns

Investment Piece: Mixing Patterns
Investment Piece: Mixing Patterns
Investment Piece: Mixing Patterns

Sometimes things don’t go to plan (see yesterday’s Sunday Chronicles).

Sometimes I get hung up on ideas and they don’t come to fruition. (It rained all morning when I was going to shoot)

And sometimes, I feel the need for a theme (because who doesn’t love a theme party?).

I get asked many questions. And one of the ones that keeps popping up, and one that I ponder is: how do you mix patterns?
Because the answer to this question is not cut and dried. It’s not easy. Mixing patterns is 90% experimentation, 5% courage, and 5% formula.

Investment Piece: Art of Dress

Yes, my loves. There are those of you who read that and thought: “Yay! Rachel is going to share the secret of mixed patterns.”
And then, those of you who read that and got “Um, did Rachel just say that there is no formula for mixed patterns?”

Loves, both of you are right.

Mixed patterns are hard and a scary and intimidating thing for most of us. Even if you’re a “fashion gal”. The thing is- there are no hard and fast rules about mixed patterns. I have my options and guidelines, I also talked about them here.

Investment Piece: Todd Oldham
Investment Piece: Wrap Dress

Mixed patterns. A theme I like, and a theme maybe we all need to explore. So, this week that’s what we’re going to do. What you can expect: outfits, videos and all the tips I can give and get us about mixing patterns. Maybe we can all conquer this whole mixing patterns issues together?

First up? The best advice I can give about mixed patterns. Make someone else do it for you.
What does that mean exactly? Buy a mixed pattern dress (or skirt or top). All you have to do is wear it. Simple? Cheating? Or brilliant? Either way, it’s a mixed pattern and you mastered it. So?

This week I’ll be sharing tips and really focusing on polka dots, florals, stripes, and leopard. Have another question? Another pattern that’s a must chat about? Let me know! Between videos and outfit posts and a Facebook Live (I’ll let you know the day and time) I’ll get it in!

Below I’ve linked some of my fave mixed patterns items. Can’t wait to conquer this theme with you!

PS this weekend and the week leading up to it are some of the best sale shopping you can do! Yes, you and I are going to deal with mixed patterns, on site I’ll also be posting some of my fave sales picks (and the best sales!) Also make sure you’re on my email list, Instagram, and Facebook-I’ll be posting special sale items on those places too!

Note: This post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!
Investment Piece: Mixed Patterns

Lady in Red

InvestmentPiece, ladyinred, vintage, gown, fashion blogger, CA, TX
InvestmentPiece, ladyinred, vintage, gown, Fashionblogger, CA, TX
Investment Piece, Fashionblogger, lady in red, vintage, CA, TX
InvestmentPiece, Fashionblogger, lady in red, vintage, the kit vintage, gown, CA, TX
Investment Piece, Fashionblogger, lady in red, vintage, CA. TX
Investment Piece, fashion blogger, lady in red, vintage, gown, fashion blogger, CA, TX

Holidays or not, there’s something I love about a red dress! And this one? The details! The notched shoulder, the front and back slit, the pockets, the belt, that collar! I fell in love with it, and knew that I had to find some place to wear it! And it’s vintage–and I love knowing that it once belonged to a model from the 1960s-70s. I can only imagine the amazing things this dress has seen. And I can’t wait to add to it!

I got this number at The Kit Vintage but you can shop similar items below!

Pink Florals

Investment Piece, Floral, Pink, fashion, blogger, Ca, TX, Gucci

InvesmentPiece, fashion, floral, pink, vintage, blogger, CA, TX
Investment Piece, fashion, blogger, floral, pink, gucci
InvesmentPiece, fashion, blogger, pink, floral, Gucci, breast cancer awareness
Investment Piece, fashion, blogger, pink, floral, Gucci, CA, TX, breast cancer awareness
InvesmtentPiece, fashion, blogger, CA, TX, pink, floral

Loves, it’s our second to last pink post for breast cancer awareness, and this time our pink is floral! I absolutely fell in love with this metallic dress via Anthropology. I have to admit, it gave me serious 70s babe vibes. I love that it’s a soft knit, would go just as well with boots as heels. I love that it’s almost purple (as are these amazing Gucci shoes that I got for a song on Tradesy). I paired it with a (borrowed) vintage belt to make the pink pop! It’s simply perfect for any event-part, dinner, or make it casual!

Happy Friday!


See similar items:

PJ Dressing

Vintage, PJ Dressing, Stuart Weitzman, high fashion, LA, CA, TX, blogger, Investment Piece, red
Red, PJ dressing, robe, vintage, Stuart Weitzman, LA, CA, TX, Investment Piece, blogger
Red, vintage, robe, PJ Dressing, high fashion, Stuart Weitzman, blogger, Investment Piece
Vintage, robe, PJ Dressing, LA, CA, TX, high fashion, Investment Piece
PJ Dressing, red, robe, vintage, Stuart Weitzman, LA, CA, blogger, Investment Piece

PJ Dressing is in, and I am on board! I have recently developed a thing for vintage robes, and while they are great for being around the house, they are also great as a dress (I wear everything else as dress!)! I’ve done PJ dressing before (here) but I really like this take on it. The robe feels like a mini dress, which feels vintage and modern all at the same time, and I love the balance of the high boots. It’s not blatant PJ dressing, but a more subtle form; and either way I’m the winner as I’m super comfy!

Would you wear your robe as a dress?


Vintage robe found on Etsy
Boots: Stuart Weitzman

Pasquale Shoe Repair


As a self-proclaimed shoe lover, I can tell you there is no better investment than taking care of the things you love. Yes, I mean shoes. And yet, no matter careful you can be with a thing you love, there’s always a time when you need professional help. Yep, still talking shoes. From heel repair to re-soling to stretching, there’s absolutely no one I trust more with my treasures than Pasquale Shoe Repair


They are Christian Louboutin certified and I have never had them treat me or my shoes poorly. They’ve fixed heels, redone soles, added grips. They even brought shoes that other cobblers had ruined back to life. In short, I can’t explain how much I love them. They are the essence of quality, and yet the prices are not high.


While they are located in LA, they have a mail in option (and will send the shoes right back to you!) and it’s completely worth it!

Here’s to keeping our treasures treasured! XO RA

Find Pasquale here

Dress Flats?


More than once on this site you have heard me mention to “dress things down” I wear flats. Which is a completely unfair statement to flats. Here’s the thing: I’m a heels girl. As in, I will think nothing of wearing heels to run errands, take walks, anything–heels are my natural go-tos. (I have incredibly high arches and in my “medical” opinion this is part of why I find them so comfortable). But due to some injuries recently, and some amazing shoes, I’ve begun to rethink my position. Can heels be dressy? Loves, I think the answer is yes: they can. Dress flats are a thing that we can do, and love.

I know that some women have to opt for flats due to medical reasons, and some just prefer them. The good news is that there are so many options when it comes to dress flats–shiny, studded, scrappy, open toe, Pom-poms–and most importantly, that they don’t disrupt any line of any dress. (Yes, we can debate that certain shoes look best with certain outfits, but we’d be here alllllllllllll day). This past weekend, in both need and exploration of my theory I wore flats with a dress to the opera; and loves, I loved it. I felt the studs added something, it felt fresh–and just as dressy as my flats. Does this mean I’m hanging up my heels? Never. But it does mean that my flat collection is about to get a whole lot bigger!


I’d love to know: do you rock a dress flat?


Dress: Tibi
Shoes: Louboutin, sold out, similar here



There is something about a simple outfit that packs a punch. I’m such a fan of these pieces- cropped tank and linen pants (both go with everything, this blue is almost a neutral) paired with fringe heels and a to-die for vintage bag (that’s almost reversible), and you have some summer magic!

Happy Friday! Xo RA

Pants: Zara and on sale!
Shirt: Garment Modern
Shoes: Steve Madden
Purse: Vintage